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I have been a stay at home mom for the past two years and I finally got accepted into a nursing program for this coming Fall 2013 after 3+ years of application cycles. The school is two hours away... Read More

  1. by   WideOpenHeart
    That's great news!
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  2. by   Idiosyncratic
    Honestly, it's something that you really need to think about. As a married couple, he does have input into what happens with the entire family. I know you want to go for this, but with the children/family - you might want to reassess. Perhaps keep trying to the schools near you? If it were maybe 30-45 minutes, it'd be a little different - you could come home. However, it's not..

    Whatever you choose, good luck!
  3. by   havehope
    Of course, we all have different opinions and I'm not sure if anyone has given the opinion i'm about to give because I quit reading after you said that your husband is unsupportive of you. It would be even better if you could move closer, but if not that's ok too. You just have to be and stay determined on those early morning commutes. I would say go for it.

    From experience, my mom went back to school when we(my brother and I) were eight or so if I remember and she is still in school and i'm TWENTY. Although, I feel it is my job to support her but, I terribly miss not being able to spend quality time. When your children are teenagers I feel it is a critical time to spend with them. However, she would just say "I'm busy with school we'll talk later" and later never comes. So for me, that was very depressing and it still is because I missed out on so much "mom-daughter time." Whereas, when you kids are younger they won't remember you not having to spend a little time away from them. I remember many nights of crying myself to sleep when I was going through the "teenage stages" because I felt unloved because my mother would not give me just 10 minutes of good quality talking. And, I was scared to say something to her because, I didn't want her to think I was unsupportive of her.

    Also, another reason I would go for it is because you will have yet another degree and would not need the dependence of a husband.

    Good luck on your decision. I know this is tough. My fiance and myself are having to move an 1 and 30 minutes from my school. It sucks for the driving but we both agreed to move somewhere where our commute will be equal. So for right now he will be driving around an hour and I will be driving around an hour and a half. Thankfully, we have no children so it is so much easier.

    And thirty minutes later I read the whole post and am thrilled you were able to get accepted closer!! Miracles do happen :-)
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