In Nursing school, do we review A&P?

  1. I recently purchased Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards for my lab practical (muscles, skull, and organs in the future)

    Even though I got a high A in bones, I was not satisfied because I spend almost every hours studying bones, but made some mistakes during test. :/

    I have not even opened the box yet, but I found out there are pictures and list of muscles we need to know for the lab practical.

    However, I thought I could use Anatomy Flash Cards during nursing school to review for the classes. Do we get to review any materials from Human Anatomy & Physiology?

    My friend who recently graduated from BSN and working as RN told me that she didn't really review that much.

    Any other thoughts?
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  3. by   AccelCNL

    Nurse Nacole on Youtube answered this question perfectly. I have attached the video link :

    Nursing Foundations | Do Nurses Use Anatomy & Physiology? - YouTube
  4. by   rubato
    So far, I've used a lot of physiology in nursing school. Everything we do is based off of it. Anatomy knowledge is more about just knowing the basics.
  5. by   eva123
    A & P is the foundation to learning patient conditions, without it you cannot truly understand pathophysiology and most nursing classes. Additionally, during head-to-toe assessments knowing anatomy will help you locate what to look at. There is not an in depth review because you are expected to know it. Everything keeps building so don't think anything like A & P and nursing classes can just be a learn it for the test thing and then just forget...take it seriously.
  6. by   Compassion_x
    In your program, the instructors may or may not review A&P with you, but it is still your responsibility to know it. Especially when it comes to pathophysiology or med-surg.
  7. by   akulahawkRN
    You'll review A&P as you go along... but it's going to be relative to some process you need to know about. I'd hazard a guess that someone who is very strong in physiology will do better than someone who just knows anatomy. Why? Pathophysiology. Nursing school is chock-full of pathophys. In order to do well with that, you have to know the normal physiology.

    The hardest part of A&P is maintaining a good grade throughout so that you have a decent Prerequisite GPA. To do that, you'll need to know both how things fit together (Anatomy) and (IMO more importantly) how they work together (physiology).
  8. by   CT Pixie
    Our instructors expect us to know our A&P. They don't do any sort of review of the body system prior to jumping into the med/surg section of that body system.

    I always told those in my A&P class not to be the ones who memorize and then brain dump after the test b/c A&P will, and does, come back to haunt you all througout the nursing classes.

    Once in a while a teacher will say, 'as you recall from A&P the ____(fill in the blank), involves ____. But thats the extent of any 'review'
  9. by   allycat77
    Quote from AccelBSN12

    Nurse Nacole on Youtube answered this question perfectly. I have attached the video link :

    Nursing Foundations | Do Nurses Use Anatomy & Physiology? - YouTube
    I love her videos!
  10. by   AccelCNL
    I know all her videos are so informative. I wanna be like that ( just sounding brilliant) one day!!! Her passion about her profession in amazing. All nurses should be that way.