iMac or MacBook!

  1. Ok all! I want to get a computer but don't know if i should get the MacBook or iMac. I have an iPad but want a computer to do the things I choose not to do on the iPad. Please help!
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  3. by   hardwrkingmama
    Well, it depends what you will mainly be using it for. I have a MacBook and LOVE it! I plan on getting an iMac for the house so my MacBook can be used strictly for school. Make sure to buy office for Mac as well.
  4. by   MrsStudentNurse
    MacBook Air. It's so light and versatile!
  5. by   erilindsey
    I swear by my MacBook Pro. That thing has been through every pre req with me and is now going into the RN program with me. I've had zero problems with it. Microsoft office is a must, I used to love recording my lectures in a&p with the special "notes" feature it has.
  6. by   mclennan
    I don't know anyone who has a desktop computer for their personal computer any more. And word to the wise about the MacBook Air....they are cool looking, light & thin, but will snap in half like a cracker. This happened to a friend of mine when she put hers in the security bin at the airport.
  7. by   Alicia.Cheyanne
    Depends on your needs. I personally love my iMac. But I don't do homework anywhere besides my home.
  8. by   StayHumble11
    Quote from Alicia.Cheyanne
    Depends on your needs. I personally love my iMac. But I don't do homework anywhere besides my home.
  9. by   S.G.
    I love love love my MacBook Pro. The fact that it's not a desktop makes it wonderful for group projects or going on vacation and still being able to do your work. I used a desktop and library computers while in school for my ADN but my laptop was a godsend during my BSN classes since they were all online.
  10. by   nurseprince2b
    Thank you all! It sounds like my best bet will be a MacBook. Wanted to go for the iMac because it is cheaper, but it seems more practical
    to get something that will offer me portability. How much do they run? Will the bas model work.?
  11. by   Fireman767
    how about just a pc? theres no need to spend $1k on a laptop when a $400 one does the same job. being realistic, nursing school isn't cheap, no reason to make it more expensive.
  12. by   nurseprince2b
    @ Fireman767 thanks. I may need to consider all my other costs before shelling out 3 grand for the pro.
  13. by   sjalv
    I second the notion of getting a PC. Windows vs OS X aside, let's just talk prices.

    I had a MacBook that had 4GB RAM and like a 2.1GHz dual-core processor. It was $1300.
    I currently have an ASUS Q500A that has 6GB RAM and a 2.3GHz i5 processor. It was $700.
    The i5 processor is years newer than just a dual-core intel processor like my MacBook had. There is only a year's difference between when these two computers (Macbook vs ASUS) were manufactured.
  14. by   Fireman767
    If your spending over $1000 on a laptop, your looking at the wrong products. I understand mobility, but i bought a chromebook that cost $200 and weighs 2 lbs, thinner than most apple laptops, and a 2 year warranty. As mentioned above, an ASUS (my preferred brand) can run at $400-500 for mid class performance (compared to the equivalent of a macbook). It may not look at fancy or shiny as a macbook, but its less likely to be stolen, and if it is, its $400 compared to $3000. realistically, this computer isnt for video or music editing, not for gaming or software design. More for research, papers, studying so you dont need a high end processor or tons of ram. A mid level laptop from ASUS, Acer, Samsung or any other company will do the same as a high end mac at an affordable price range. you wont notice a difference between a mac and a pc for your purpose in nursing school.