Im worried Online pre-req classes will lower my chances? - page 3

I need to take several pre-reqs online. Will taking distance learning classes lower my chances of getting into the nursing program I want to go to? Tarrant County College, they have a fierce competition!!! Im worried they may... Read More

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    Thanks everyone! I really appreciate your feedback! Im so overwhelmed over TCC nursing competition! I want every point I can get! Im nervous about not getting in. Over 500 people apply for this program and only 135 are ACCEPTED!

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    Hi country73

    You mentioned that you took several online pre-req classes. What school was it that accepted you? I have taken 2 online pre-req classes so I'm wondering what schools accept online classes. Thank you for the info.
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    As long as it's a non-science course, you're fine! You completed the course work required and got a satisfactory grade. Gen ed online classes are commonly taking by many people! I took a few myself.

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