Im scared out of my mind for Anatomy

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    Hi guys
    I'll be starting with my first nursing prerequisite class anatomy this fall and I'm so scared, never taken any of these classes I usually have to study extra hard and work extra hard for my grades. I work full time as a LVN on the med/Surg floor at a hospital. Any suggestions as to how to study or what to expect would really help. Thnk you! 🙏
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    I took A&P 1 last summer and it was difficult. There's a lot to memorize and you just have to go over it again and again and again. I made a C, but I work full time and had two other classes along with it. I would recommend not taking more than one other class, like psychology or something a bit simpler, so you're not over whelmed. If you can, try finding 2 or more people in your class to have study session with. Repetition is key. Good luck!
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    Hi NurseLizzy,
    I'll be taking A&P 1 this fall as well. I'm a bit nervous about all of the studying because I work full time as well, and I'm worried I may not have the time it takes to prepare for the tests. From what I've heard about A&P, flashcards and lots of memorization tricks help. Also, taking notes in class is important. I've noticed in other classes, that even if I get handout notes for the class, I still take my own notes and I absorb the material better. Good luck to you!

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    I took A&P online and had to teach myself, which was very time-consuming. Whether you're taking it online or not, I found that youtube has some videos that can explain things in a different way and help you understand the concepts. Lots to memorize. Learn your study style - are a you a visual learner, do you learn best by listening and taking notes, or by reading the material?
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    My A and P classes were separate so all had to worry about was Anatomy. To me anatomy was easier than phys because Anatomy is 90% memorization. I am a visual learner so this was right in my wheelhouse. We also had a cadaver lab, which helped tremendously! The Netter's Flash Cards are a little pricy but really worth it! I also preferred the Netter's coloring book to the one my school provided. There are a lot of resources online, videos on Youtube, practice quizzes from schools all over the country and check to see if your textbook has online access. Just don't get behind, because you will never get caught up! Before starting class, if you wanted to get a head start, start to fully comprehend anatomical positioning.

    This is a good document from UCLA to get your started!
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    I second finding a group. It's a ton of memorization and working with people and saying things out loud made a huge difference for me. Good luck!!
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    Thanks guys everything is helpful, I forgot to mention that my class includes a lab also. They have these test where the fake bodies are laid out with pins pointed to the parts that have to be known and it's timed so I'm really not looking forward to that 😭
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    As it was mentioned, the best way to retain A&P information is to re-read and go over the same information over and over again. Another piece of advice is to get a tutor from the get go. Having a tutor works great, it allows you to discuss and talk about the anatomy and physiology of the body. The more you talk about each part, the more likely it will be that you will remember the information.
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    A&P 1 isn't bad at all. Yes there are regular tests and labs tests and its quite a bit of information but not too bad. Just keep up with your studies as each week builds upon the previous.

    I studied about 3 hours per week and got an A in the class. Also, you will probably have some knowledge from your job that could help you get a slight edge in the class.
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    I did not find ap hard. I got a's in both ap 1n2 while working full time. My ap1 prof was horrible and we had to teach ourselves. Ap2 was more complex and I remember a 32page essay test on endocrine system and a one question is homeostasis maintained? Lol so broad! But its doable.

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