I will never be a nurse. Should I just change my major?

  1. Hello all, don't mean to sound negative, but I am so discouraged at this point.

    I am graduating in December with my AA/ADN in Nursing. I wanted to go to a four year university and apply for a bachelor, even maybe one day a master. Now, I have to go back to the drawing board and might just go the LPN route instead, which I REALLY DIDN'T WANT.

    Now, here's the issue. Ever since last semester and when I started my science classes, I've been struggling. I let my personal life interfere with my school work and suffer. I was going through major issues with my now ex(boyfriend) ,whom was abusive(emotionally), I was hospitalized, and etc..

    I was taking Anatomy with lab, chemistry/lab, math.

    I ended up with drawing from anatomy. I was going to get a C in lecture, but , since they go-hand and hand, I had to withdraw both. I ended up getting a C in Chemistry with lab! And math!! I went from a 3.48 to a 3.26... OKAY, NOT too bad, but , you know the deal when they recalculate your GPA.

    Now, I am taking Anatomy over with lab, Nutrition, STATS, Sociology.

    I orginally planned to make Straight A'S. Right now, I have a B in STATS, Sociology,78.2 in Nutrition, D In LAB & I'm good with Lecture. I am so stressed with the lab class, the final is next week. And pretty much, I am between a D AND C. Either way this isn't good for me.

    I really don't know what should I do? With draw? get the C or D? One of the schools, I wanted to apply to, It says no repeats in science classes due to failure. So, I would be automatically rejected. I pretty much can't withdraw from one eitehr only.. So,the option would be get the C.

    I will now have 4 C'S . I am going to take Chemistry/Lab & Math over, but remain with the C in lab.

    What I really my chance of becoming a nurse? Should I just change my major? My parents are going to be so disappointed.
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  3. by   Trenata
    You have a chance. No need to give up. With your grades, there is a way! I had 2 or 3 C's and managed a 3.4 GPA, which I am hoping to bring up with my science courses. Even if I don't, I plan to study my rear off on my TEAS V. Don't keep withdrawing - my adviser told me nursing schools look to see if students withdraw from science courses. It is better to accept a C and retake the class to bring up the grade! If the school you are looking at says you cannot fail a science, then there are other schools. Can you talk to the instructor and figure out if there is anything you can do to bring up your grade?

    Hopefully you get more advice!
  4. by   Irish_Mist
    It sounds like you had a lot of hard stuff to deal with. That in combination with the heavy course load for nursing pre-reqs is definitely a recipe for disaster. Distractions are just not conducive with ensuring good grades. Anyhow..Just take a step back. Breathe. Do you have an academic advisor your can talk to at your current school? You could contact an academic advisor at the nursing school(s) of your choice for further clarification or advice. That would be the best bet in knowing for sure what course of action to take. Some schools might look at withdrawals badly, some might not. I've been told 1 or 2 withdrawals aren't that bad. Personally, I think it would raise a few red flags if there were several. Criteria is different at different schools. All is not lost. Take heart, pick yourself up, and keep everything in perspective. Tell yourself "I can and will do this.".

    Oh and I'm not sure where you're planning to go but... Texas Woman's University has a RN-BSN bridge program for ADN graduates. It is completely online and, according to an academic advisor I spoke with, not hard to get accepted. She said it is very non-competitive.
  5. by   MrsStudentNurse
    Honestly talk to your teachers ask them if there is anything you do to bring up your grades. If not is it too late to withdraw?
  6. by   SopranoKris
    If it's not too late to withdraw, do so. It won't affect your GPA.
  7. by   Alisonisayoshi
    Okay if all else fails you can go the LPN/LVN route and bridge the degree. You can. It's not the best option but its an option you know? Personally at my school I could not withdraw in your situation, they have a lame policy that says 2 Ws = no retake. But given the option in your situation that's what I would do. Shop your grades around at schools you'd like to go to. Actually speak to counselors at these schools, get a feel for your chances.
    Years ago I flunked a whole semester. 12 flunked units. I was very sick. I had really bad circumstances. I gave up my nursing dream for a while because of it, but you know what? I came back... I researched how to expunge my academic record of that semester. I shopped schools. I met counselors. I went into high gear to figure out options. In the end with a lot of hearings at my school I had those classes permanently removed from my transcript, but before that I had already laid good plans out if my school refused to do that.
    If you really want something badly enough you can move heaven and earth to make it happen, it just takes planning and dedication.
  8. by   Jaurelus93
    It's too late to withdraw any other options?
  9. by   16mm
    If you can't retake the class due to failure I'd do my best to get the "C" and just retake the class to get a better grade.
  10. by   Jaurelus93
    Thank you, I think that's the best option right now. I'm going to get a tutor.
  11. by   NPOaftermidnight
    I think you need a little tough love. I would say your best option is to get your a$$ in gear and bring your grades up! Most schools have tutoring centers, utilize it. Talk to your professor and let them know you're having a hard time but really want to succeed and see what they suggest. It's late in the semester but it's not necessarily too late. If you have to retake the classes, so be it. I have found that the only difference between students who make it through nursing school and those don't is how bad they want it. Between a major accident that put me in the hospital, 2 surgeries, the major illness of my father, and a bunch of other crappy life experiences it has taken me 3 years to finish my ADN. I am finally graduating in a couple weeks and the struggles I have faced have made it an even greater accomplishment. I know that it can be really overwhelming at times, but think of all the hard work you've already put into it. Do you really want all that time, effort, and money to go to waste? You are not so far gone that you need to give up your goal. If you want to be a nurse, do whatever it is you have to do to keep plowing through school. If not, give up. It's your choice - take charge of your situation.

    Also, not meeting admissions requirements for one specific program that you might apply to in the future is NOT a good reason to drop out of nursing school. There are SO many options for nurses to further their education - if you want to continue to get your BSN/MSN/DNP you WILL be able to.

    Good luck!!

    Ok, so you said graduating with your AA/ADN in December but now that I'm re-reading it it sounds like maybe you are really just doing your pre-reqs now? Either way I think most of this applies but sorry if there was any confusion : )
  12. by   MommaTy
    At my school they will not accept anything less then a C+ in all science and nursing courses. But that is my program. Good luck.