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NPOaftermidnight has 10 years experience as a MSN, RN, NP and specializes in Pediatrics, Women’s Health.

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  1. DEA in each state

    Most employers will cover your DEA fees. You definitely to have a DEA license in the state you’re prescribing in, not sure how it works if you’re practicing in two states, but I will say the DEA has been super responsive via email for any issues I’ve...
  2. Acute Care NP to Adult primary care

    Primary care would be out of scope for an acute care NP. However, I know plenty of FNPs working in acute care so ??‍♀️
  3. Schedule II Meds

    What kind of setting are you working in? If you don't feel a medication is indicated and you don't feel comfortable prescribing it, don't! Think they're just going to get it elsewhere? Great, let someone else prescribe it! I would maybe talk thi...
  4. Dream job . . . but it's night shift

    Take it! You don't have to do nights forever - an opportunity for day shift will come along eventually!
  5. Medication Error During A Code

    I remember so well what it was like as a new nurse in the ICU, I feel your pain! But the good news is that you are going to be a better nurse because of this. Mistakes were made on multiple levels here, the important part is that the patient wasn’t h...
  6. Quitting New Grad Residency for NP program

    If you want to do pediatrics, I would put the residency program as your priority right now. Depending on the NP job market where you live, you are not likely to find a good job with virtually no nursing experience. I understand the temptation to rush...
  7. When did you know what you wanted to do?

    I've been in nursing for 8 years and I still am not sure what I want to do. That's the best part about nursing - there's so much flexibility and so many different areas you can go into, there's no need to make a final decision. And you will continue ...
  8. Starting FNP Program, HELP!

    I had to find my own preceptors in school. I worked for a large teaching hospital so I used the employee directory to find NPs and contact them. They were all supportive and happy to help! My classmates were so valuable while in school. I w...
  9. FNP to WHNP?

    Hello! I’m an FNP working in OBGYN. Our practice actually prefers FNPs because they find them better suited to address all of our patients’ concerns, as many of our younger patients don’t see a PCP. Not sure how true this is, as I’ve met many WHNPs w...
  10. RN to BSN To MSN or RN to MSN

    You don’t need a BSN. If it saves you time, go right to MSN. I had a BS in sociology, then went for my AS in nursing, then did an RN-MSN program. No one has ever cared that I don’t have a BSN.
  11. California NPF Requirements

    Hello! Congrats on passing your boards! I moved to CA from NY last year. Despite going to a solid NP Program with a 3-credit pharm class, I still didn’t meet CA requirements for prescribing schedule II. I had to fulfill the requirement by taking what...
  12. Crisis travel assignments for Covid-19?

    Seriously? We should be so grateful for the nurses that are taking these risks. They deserve that money regardless of what their reasons are.
  13. COVID-19: How Can Inactive Nurses Help?

    Maybe my experience is not representative, but I don't think most facilities have a "plethora" of nurses out of work for disciplinary actions. Anywhere I've worked it was very difficult to be suspended and almost impossible to be let go. So it wasn't...
  14. Training for new NP's

    When I started in a private peds office, I had never done peds before except in clinical. I got about 6wks working one on one with another NP before I was out on my own.
  15. Silicon Valley/Bay Area NP jobs/salaries

    So I posted this on the California board bug hoping to reach a broader audience here! My family is moving to the Menlo Park area next month for my husband’s job. I’m an FNP currently working in pediatrics but I have adult experience as well so I’...