I was offered admission!!!!

  1. 5 Got the word today that I am being offered admission to the ADN program at Highline CC. It was a lottery system but thankfully my name was chosen!! I'm so excited, almost 3 years after quitting my FT job to go to Nursing School, I will start Jan 6!
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    Congrats! Wishing you all the best!
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    Congratulations to you
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    Wow, that is so awesome and lucky.

    I have never had to deal with the lottery process but I am happy it worked out in your favor!

    I wish I started on the 6th. I do not start until the 13th. At least I have orientation to look forward to!
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    I love all these acceptance threads!!

    Congrats to you! I always say with lotteries it is just meant to be!
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    congrats to you!
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    Fantastic! Good luck to you! It's the calm before the storm so enjoy these next couple months!
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    Congrats. I start Jan. 6th as well.
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    congrats! it will be an exciting journey!
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    How's the program at HCC? I just got accepted for the Spring `14 start and couldn't be happier!


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    Congratulations and Good Luck!
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    Where is Highline CC? That isn't in Burien, WA is it?? I just moved away from there a year or so ago! Small world (if its the same one, that is!)

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