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Hi everyone. I need advice. I am currently taking Anatomy and I have been studying my a** off. Well apparently my studying inst paying off. I got a D on my 1st 2 tests and I just don't understand what I'm not getting?! It seems... Read More

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    Flash cards are more for rote memorization, so he probably meant you can't thoroughly understand with them. Personally, I agree with him. If you can't understand the bigger picture of what's going on and apply the knowledge, all the flash cards in the world won't help you. Personally, I find them to be a waste of time I'd rather spend studying productively. I have over 100% in both lecture and lab, so obviously you don't have to use flash cards to be successful. This is information that all our nursing classes will build on, and we will continue to use for our entire careers. As such, I always aim for understanding the material before memorization. If you have a good understanding, anything that needs to be memorized is much easier.

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    I started using flash cards in the beginning but after a couple ofweeks i found it was a waste if valuable.study time.

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