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Hi, everyone. Just wondering how many older students like me are starting nursing classes this year? I'm 47 and just finished most of my pre-reqs; starting nursing classes in the fall and am... Read More

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    Hi, almost 40' after 15years working as a teacher I decided make a big change in my life, and start studing to be a nurse. Just follow your heart and your dreams...good luck
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    Got my ADN and license at 41. Wasn't the oldest in my class by any stretch. Feel my life experience makes me a better nurse. Good luck to you all.
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    I will be 43 in September. Right now I am waiting patiently for my acceptance letter for Ivy Tech,; should know something by the 1st week in June. I applied to both the ASN and LPN hopefully I make into one of them. Best of luck to all of you in reaching your goals!!!!!
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    Oh, my goodness! I'm so excited to see this thread. I am 48, soon to be 49, and hoping to receive my acceptance letter from IvyTech in the next two weeks. I have all of my prereqs done, and will have all of my coreqs done at the end of the summer, so if I do get in, I can concentrate on only nursing classes. I was also a teacher for 17 years, and walked away from it. I taught students with severe and profound multiple disabilities... loved the kids and families, but as education changed over the last few years, I became a classroom/staff manager, never having direct contact with the kids. I was sooo unhappy. People think I'm nuts for walking away, but I'm so much happier. I look forward to meeting needs, working with families, providing comfort and care. I'm just so excited. I will try to remember not to mention how old I am to my younger nursing students, since I don't want to annoy them. Proud of each and every one of us, as making life changes at an older-than-the-average-student can be scary. Hang in there crew, and persevere. The first step is always the most difficult, so we all have the hardest part behind us.
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    I'm 38 and just finished my first year of nursing school...there are several in my class over 50 - one is an LPN going for RN and one is an RD...enjoy the whirlwind!
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    I'm 44 - finished with my pre-reqs and on my way to nursing school in the fall! It's exciting and I have never felt odd because of my age. There are a lot of older people going back to school. Besides, we will be too busy studying in nursing school to worry about who is what age. !
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    At 39, I graduated LPN school. At 43 I am doing the LPN to RN bridge program and will be entering the 2nd year of a 2 year ADN program, I'll be 44 when I graduate. Then onto RN to BSN..I'll probably be closer to 46 when that happens.

    We have pretty much an equal division of ages. There are just as many younger ones as there are of us 40's group. I'd say the average age is mid 30's.
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    I was 47 when I started NS. I graduated in Aug 2010 and passed the NCLEX in Feb 2011 (I was still working in IT, so I delayed taking the exam.) I am currently an RN on a Med/Surg/Tele floor. You can do this!
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    Just wanted to say congrats and encourage all of you... I am 40 and just finished my BSN!! Honestly the professors in my program really enjoyed having the older mature students and treated us as such.. Good luck and Happy Studying!!!
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    46 here - one more year of prereqs at my school of choice, apply and find out in February if I make it into their 2 year BSN program! Decided to transfer in for their required 1 year as a transfer student - it gives me bigger odds of getting into their program. I love finding other "older" students!! Just finishing my series of A&P this term.

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