hi im a senior in highschool going for an associates degree as an RN

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    Ok so im so nervous im considering whether to go for rn or not im not very good at math i recognize that is one of my weakest subject an well im so nervous will i be ok as a registered nurse im so nervous any one can comment to answer my question?

    Will i be fine as a registered nurse i havent started college yet an im nervous was it like that for some of you guys ??????

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    I am terrible at math. It does not help that I have had a couple of *horrible* teachers/professors in my lifetime. If the teacher was good, I understood a lot more (wow, strange concept). Anyway, personally, I have a BSN that I got 15 years ago. Only one math class was required for my BSN and yes I had an awful professor, and it was one of only 2 classes I recieved a C in. There are some programs that require more extensive math, like statistics etc. but my school was not one of them. I guess my point is that I have the same weakness and have been a successful nurse for a while now. It would seem that it can be done.
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    Math is not my strongest suit either but I'm determined to be a nurse and plan on working my butt off to do what it takes to get over the math hump. There is a fair deal of math in nursing but you can still be a nurse if it is not your strongest subject. You just have to know going into it that you WILL have to work harder at grasping the subjects that you struggle with. Be prepared to ask for help if you need it, seek tutoring or whatever helping outlets available to you to make sure you get through it with flying colors. Study hard and stay focused and you'll be fine.

    PS. There are also some great books and pocket guides out there that help nurses remember dosage calculations and other formulas important to nursing profession
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    based on your post you should focus on learning grammar too punctuation is important as much as med maths gud luck
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    Quote from SweetCorn
    based on your post you should focus on learning grammar too punctuation is important as much as med maths gud luck
    come on give the kid a break! you even said "med maths" what is maths?
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    I always told myself I can't do math, I struggled with math in high school. Starting college I took math 101 pre algebra and I barely passed with a C. In order to get into the RN program I had to take math 110 college algebra, BUT in order to get to 110 I had to take math 102 intermediate algebra first then move on to 110, anyway I really put my mind and heart into these two math classes and I passed both with A's. If i can pass math you can also. All you have to do is put in the study time and get tutoring, and don't give up.

    I am currently in my first semester of the RN program, I passed my first math test with a 100 on the first try. Don't ever tell your self I can't do this, you have to try first, there's no such thing as I can't. I wish you the best of luck in your nursing journey.
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    Quote from SweetCorn
    based on your post you should focus on learning grammar too punctuation is important as much as med maths gud luck
    Wow, really? Re-read your grammatically atrocious post and then tell me you if you still feel the overwhelming desire to pick on another member for their grammar mistakes. Very childish.

    To the OP, you'll be fine with some determination and maybe a little tutoring. I, too, am horrible at math but I am doing great in college thanks to some tutoring offered at my school. With a little help and a lot of detemination to succeed, math will not hold you back as long as you practice, study, and stay on top of it. Good luck!
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    You can definitely learn the math! Don't let your nervousness take over and make you think that you can't be a nurse. If you have the drive to do it then you can do it. There will always be professors and tutors and classmates along the way that will be able to help you if you are struggling!
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    Quote from SweetCorn
    based on your post you should focus on learning grammar too punctuation is important as much as med maths gud luck
    We ALL need to remember that this is a high school teenager on her smart phone. Many of us are guilty of using text talk "bcuz" it's easier and quicker.

    I think it would be "gud" for us all to remember how scarey it was at the prospect of leaving high school and being successful. (Ahem, clearing my throat).

    OP.....it's amazing that as you get older you do get better and better at things. The math is algebra and there is a lot of it....a nurse uses math every day. But it is something you can learn and practice to get better.

    I wish you the best of luck....my daughter just had this panic attack the other day. Hard work does pay off....((HUGS))
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    Per our Terms of Service please post in English only; no text/chat speak.

    My post was tongue firmly imprinted in cheek. I don't give high school age kids a pass because they grew up in the era of poor grammar. Is it too much to ask that if somebody comes here looking for actual advice to expect something resembling a proper sentence? (does this put me firmly in the luddite, crumegeon category?)

    To be more helpful to the OP.... the math required isn't that difficult and there will always be people who will be able to help you because by them teaching you, they are helping themselves understand the material better. Just be proactive and try to get in front of upcoming challanges like the math stuff.

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