HELP :( really depressed about school lately.

  1. Well i have been stuck at saint louis community college doing pre reqs for the past 2 years (the advisors pretty much screwed me, so i havent even taken any nursing classes yet or got on the waiting list) i still need chemistry (which im going to take in fall) to get on the waiting list.
    all of my friends are graduating right now, being graduate nurses, and im stuck behind still having atleast another 3 or more years left, its hard for me not to feel alone.
    (although the friends did start school a year or more before me)

    Is it wrong that i am jealous that their all done and i havent even started?
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  3. by   MommaTy
    Don't feel bad. Be proud of where you are. It took me 5 years to finish all my pre-reqs (I have 5 kids and work). I didn't even start college for 3 years after I graduated high school. I got accepted to the ADN program this fall. You will get there, don't compare yourself to others. God luck.
  4. by   JessicaGillan
    I know exactly how you feel. I waited to go into college because I couldn't afford to be a transfer student from another country. (Canada to the US). I am 23 and about to finish my first year of pre reqs. It's hard when you see all your friends who are graduating with their degree's while you still have a couple years to go. What I keep telling myself is that it doesn't matter that they are ahead of me, I will get there one day and be proud when I do get there. It is so great that you have worked this hard so far, just keep it up and tell yourself that you can do it!
  5. by   ixchel
    I used to feel jealous of my friend because she was so far in on her progress. Then her hubs got restationed, she had to start pretty much from scratch again, and on top of that, the program local to her was just horrific. She changed majors completely, got preggo, and basically had a whole lot of life going on. Now I'm 2 semesters away from the finish line, and she still has a ton to go. She's the one jealous. It's okay to feel that way, I promise. Just don't let it get you down, and keep your eyes on the prize.
  6. by   Sadala
    It's probably human to feel jealous and somewhat left out. But really, the best thing you can do for you is to focus on yourself. It really doesn't matter when you finish relative to other people. It's not a race, it's YOUR future that you're investing in right now. If you focus on other people too much, you won't have the energy to do your best work on your own progression. What you are doing in your own life and on your own journey is the important thing right now.
  7. by   Lyndsea
    Hey! I am from Saint Louis too, I grew up in Rock Hill! I moved to Maryland seven years ago. I went back to school at 25- and I felt the same way. I had wanted to study nursing for so long. It was so nerve wracking waiting to see if I would even get into the program. I had friends tell me that I wasn't smart enough, that I was making a mistake, that nursing school had the highest drop out rate, nursing was a high liability, low pay field and I should reconsider. BOY WERE THEY WRONG!

    I am now 27 and I am in my final semester of nursing school. My graduation commencement is tomorrow (even though I have one class left, which will be taken over the summer). I can tell you one thing: I would do it again in a heartbeat. If nursing calls to you like it did me, then it is worth the wait.

    I have had days in clinical that sent me home crying- I have had more days where I feel so incredible that I can't imagine doing anything else. I know you feel alone, but once you start school you will make friends with your peers. I am not one who makes friends easily, not very socially outgoing, but nursing school bonded us! It is ok to be jealous, but use it as motivation! And look at it this way: With so many friends out in the nursing world, networking and finding a job will be that much easier for you!

    Good luck! You can do it!
  8. by   amberella123
    I know how you feel. I have like 4 prerecs left to go. I just want to be done. Or at least in the nursing program!
  9. by   MommaBear08
    Dont you have to finish your prereqs before you can even go on the waiting list for nursing? Im 25 and just now in the position to think about going back to school...sometimes life slaps you upside the head......hard lol
  10. by   Julesmama28
    Life has taken over for me too. I'm 34- soon 35 and just barely finished my first year. Seemed like the day would never come that I would finally start the program! I had to retake all my sciences since they were over 5 years old. Blah. It was so worth it though! I'm doing great in nursing school and soon it will be all in the past!

    You will get there! Keep plugging away, everyone has their day- you'll get yours.
  11. by   Idiosyncratic
    Don't feel bad! I've been in the same boat recently. I look around me, and it seems like everyone is getting where they want to be. Someone I just met a little bit ago graduated with a nursing degree and she's younger than me. Does that mean I'm incompetent? No. But I won't lie I'm a little jealous. Everyone comes from different walks of life, and you never know where it's going to take you.

    You'll get it eventually, just keep trudging!
  12. by   Wyrm74
    Don't sweat it, it isn't a race. I started pre-reqs in 2010 and I will graduate next spring in 2014 at the ripe old age of 40! Just keep moving steadily forward and don't worry about rushing to the finish line. If you truly want it you will get there. Good luck.
  13. by   rxr2779
    I know how you feel. I have been doing pre reqs for 2 years now. I finally finished chemistry took the nursing dosage test and fail by 2 points. I was moving so I put the dosage test on hold until I finished moving. I got moved and on now they have added more prereps just to get on the waiting list. So they mean I cant get on the waiting list until next year. I am tired of waiting to go to nursing school, so I am looking at other schools. Its frustrating but I am not giving up. Good luck to you and God bless.
  14. by   LL143KnB
    I think it's normal to be a bit jealous but you can't compare your progress to someone elses. I look at it this way 2 or 3 years is going to pass by whether I'm in school or not. I'd rather be working towards my dream than not doing anyhting at all