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Hardest pre-req?

  1. 0 Which pre-requisite did you guys find the most challenging?
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    Chemistry for me. I had to put in a lot of time studying to pull off an A, whereas other prereq's required less time/effort.
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    A&P just because it's a lot of memorization.
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    Chemistry.... Because I hate the subject.
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    I would have to say Chemistry. I'm taking it right now and I hate it although I like the lab component
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    Philosophy. Really!
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    So far my math courses have been the shin kickers. I hated algebra. I don't mind the finite math course and stat though. Algebra is just so abstract and I can't relate it to anything. I'd take A&P 10x before taking an advanced algebra course.
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    Hands down college algebra with statistics a close second!
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    Quote from Georgia peach RN
    What does microbiology consist of?
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    Quote from x_factor
    A&P just because it's a lot of memorization.
    Im taking that now and i find it difficult.
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    I took Chem in the summer and was working full time. It totally sucked.
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    So far, Microbiology has been the hardest for me. However, I start an accelerated Organic Chem class in a few weeks, so may change my mind!