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I am currently working fulltime and not sure how im going to pay for living expenses once I have to quit my job to go back to school. I have applied to one accelerated BSN program which is pretty expensive and an associates... Read More

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    I would suggest BSN if able to get loans/scholarships. I had a BS before my BSN and only considered ASN programs if I was not accepted to any BSN programs. However, I am single with no kids. Yes, a BSN has more expenses but you'll be done. Work is not guaranteed either way just read the posts on this site :/. Best of luck no matter what you choose!

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    It depends on what the healthcare facilities are looking for in your area. These days many HR depts are looking for BSNs over ADNs, I'm not sure why! Just do a little research on where you are looking for work as a RN before making a decision.

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