First A&P Exams...Let's hear it!

  1. Hey everyone,

    First exams for A&P should be rolling around for everyone pretty soon (I have my lab practical on Monday and my lecture exam on Wednesday). Now, I thought it would be kinda cool if we all share how we did (if you want to) and what we think we did well (studying, test taking, stress relief, etc) and what we can improve on next time!

    <3 Kendel
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  3. by   andreams
    My lab quiz and lecture exam are next week. My fingers are crossed! Pretty nervous about the histology portion.
  4. by   FutureRNGreen
    First lecture exam tommorrow 1st lab practical the end of this month already
  5. by   Runningonfancy
    Mine is Thursday evening. Combined test I believe. I've studied all day today by re-reading my chapters. Previously just studied power points and quizlets by random ppl on the subjects.
  6. by   stellakc
    2 quizzes so far; 85 on the first (not bad), still waiting for grades to the second. My first exam will be later this week. Nervous! Will have to study a lot!
  7. by   meeep
    I got 110 on my first exam (yay bonus questions!) and was quite happy. What has helped me is to study a little every day, as well as doing loads of practice questions.
  8. by   CareQueen
    My first exam isn't until the 18th, with the lab practical on the 20th. I've been preparing by reading and re-reading a little of the text each day, FLASHCARDS, using an histology app on my phone to review tissue slides, & really heavily reviewing the textbook's companion site. Hoping for the best!
  9. by   Q2ladybug34
    Second exam coming up...Failed first one Quizzes every week...This is hard don't know what im going to do I study all the material the teacher is very confusing
  10. by   smtha620
    Our teacher is not really all the great. He reads from the power points and when you ask him a question, he just re-reads the same power point slide. If you want an explanation... google is your friend!

    First Lecture: Achieved class high score with an 85/100 - Class average was a 72. This test was wicked intense (4 chapters)

    Lab Scores, 100/100, 105/100, 90/100 - not happy with the 90

    First practical is tomorrow night on tissue/muscle identification

    Fingers crossed!
  11. by   queserasera
    I got an 87% on my first exam. It was 80 questions on anatomical terms, chemistry of life and cell biology. Class average was a 71 so I'm happy with my score!
  12. by   meeep
    I wish our exams had more questions! A lot less room to make errors with only 25-30 questions and still get an A.

    How are you guys liking your professor's testing style? Mine is fairly confusing.. you really have to read the question multiple times to pick up on key words, ughhh select all that apply, and essay questions. I overheard some girls in my class saying they had to leave some of those blank! I suppose at least with multiple choice you can guess, haha. This is definitely a class you have to study hard for!
  13. by   havehope
    I got a B on my first exam and will be taking my practical next Monday. Good luck to everyone.
  14. by   Kendel.G
    I studied for 35+ hours this weekend for my lab practical (no social life lol) and took it today and feel AWESOME!!! The lecture exam is on Wednesday and I'm scared silly...but I think it'll turn out okay :-) I LOVE my prof he's young and has a very good understanding of what it's like as a student, he's probably my favorite teacher that I've had so far