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Since we had these threads when I was in A&P I and II, and I thought I'd start one for Microbiology. Anybody else delving into the world of bacteria and viruses this fall? Let's start a support... Read More

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    Thank you
    With a big curve, and 2 bonus questions
    I got a 90. I would of gotten a 76 without extra points.

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    I have exam #4 the Monday following Thanksgiving break, a power point presentation on Toxoplasmosis, the lab test December 5th and the comp. final on Dec 10th! We are done with all of our labs, which makes me sad. Those were the best part of class. I then get six weeks off before starting my final semester of prereqs (algebra, statistics and nutrition).

    Only have 5 more classes!!!!!

    (My 10-day wait for exam #3 totally worth it. I either got a 98% or 100%, depending on if she gives us credit for a question that we defended why our answer was right).
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    All I have left is 1 lecture exam, 1 lab exam, and the bacterial unknown project. Woo hoo! All I need on the lecture exam is an 88 to be exempt from the lecture final so *fingers crossed* for that. Lecture is 70% of our grade and lab is 30% so I'm focusing more on the lecture portion these days. I have a fairly solid A in both sections right now so as long as I keep the momentum going, I'll finish the class with an A.
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    Just started Unknowns on Wed. I know my Sample B is M. luteus. It's the only bacteria we've used all semester that has a distinctly bright, yellow color. I still don't know what Sample A is yet, but I did an EMB & PEA streak plate to differentiate as well as start my broth cultures so I can Gram stain on Monday. So far, lots of fun trying to plan an "attack strategy" for identifying my unknowns with the least number of tests possible (using dichotomous keys).

    No more quizzes or test left. Just the Unknown report to complete plus the final exam in both lab & lecture. Can't wait to end the semester!!!
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    So when us everyone's last day of class?

    Mine is the 18th of December unless , we are given make up days for Sandy.
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    Quote from Kimynurse
    So when us everyone's last day of class?Mine is the 18th of December unless , we are given make up days for Sandy.
    Last day here is December 7th :-)
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    OK, got an easy one for Sample A. My EMB had a distinct metallic-green/black growth on it, so it's definitely E. coli. Doing one last test to confirm (Indole), but pretty sure that's what I've got. My Sample B is a staph of some sort. I still think it's M. luteus, but I have to follow the flow chart before I can make a definitive conclusion. Got it growing on the MSA plate. We'll see what happens on Wed. (Also doing the Coagulase test for extra confirmation).
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    My unknown whooped my butt. Based on my (absolutely beautiful, if I may toot my own horn) Gram stain, it looked like S. aureus. I got back to lab last week to get the fermentation results, and it didn't fit the pattern at ALL. Turns out my first sample must have been mad contaminated, because I re-did the Gram stain with my isolation sample and found a very distinct sample of B. subtilis. What a mess!

    I truly enjoyed the case study we just did, though. At least, it was quite interesting.

    That being said, I am very excited that this is my last pre-requisite. I want to relax a little before (hopefully!) started the program in May! *Excite*
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    Hey all, brand new here, and this is my first post. I too am in micro this fall, having finished up almost all my pre-reqs now for applying to BSN programs. Micro is kicking my butt! I did do well on the first midterm, but I feel like it's getting really hard now. I really felt like I understood A&P much better. We too have an unknown project, 2 or them actually. I've run all the tests, and know that I have Klebsiella and Staph aureus, but am trying to figure out how to do the dichotomous key for that. Gotta put it off until after midterm 2, which is next week, and I am feeling rather unprepared for it. I'm also taking a "Sociology in Healthcare" class, and a communications class, volunteering 10-12 hours a week, and I have a 3 year old, and a husband who travels a lot for work. So yeah, kind of busy. Guess I should get back to my homework now... :-)

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