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Fall '14 Applicants!!!

  1. 1 We're finally here! Where is everyone applying to?
    Here's my list:
    CSU Long Beach
    CSU San Bernadino (main campus and Palm Desert)
    CSU San Marcos
    San Francisco SU
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    I'm ONLY applying to my current school -- GSU (Georgia Southern). I'm one of the crazy ones putting all of my eggs in one basket. Good luck!
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    I've sent applications on CSUmentor for

    Sac State
    Chico State

    I'm really hoping I get into at least one
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    I'm applying to quite a few places. Still have some pre reqs to finish next semester, which is going to be crazy! But here are my schools;

    Truckee Meadows Community College
    Western Nevada College
    Victor Valley Community College

    Hopefully I'll get into one!
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    the application period here started in Sept

    I applied to FDTC
    I received notice on 10/26
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    Woo! Good luck!

    I'm applying to:
    UMass Boston
    Mass. General Hospital Institute of Health Profession
    UMass Amherst
    Curry College
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    Nhti, vtc, castleton
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    @georgettes, how many points do you have for Chico state if you don't mind me asking? I applied for spring
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    For now the only one I can apply to is my current school do to difference in prerequisites: Gwinnett Technical College. Hope I get in. Ive been maintaining a 4.0 GPA so fingers crossed!!!
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    Quote from k2115
    @georgettes, how many points do you have for Chico state if you don't mind me asking? I applied for spring
    I havent really done the calculation since I will be sending in my application next year for Fall 2014... but I have all A's in my classes except for one B, a 92% on the TEAS and I qualify for bilingual fluency and volunteer experience so I expect it to be pretty high!
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    Maryville University Fall '14! Letters go out in February to see who gets in!!!
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    That's pretty good! 85 points with that, and if you've taken the coreqs you'll get four more.
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    I am waiting to hear back from Drexel University...So anxious and excited!