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Hi Y'all! Since you are all so helpful with all of my other questions, I am asking for opinions here....:twocents: What do you think about going to summer classes (community college) to get my... Read More

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    EMT-B class isnt that hard. Especially if you have completed your nursing pre-reqs, youll have a better grasp on the anatomy and physiology of things. (although EMT-B dosnt focus too much on that) youll deff feel more comfortable dealing with emergencies in general. Plus if you get your EMT-B you can work as a ER Tech. (most places here require EMT-B to work as a ER Tech) Id say go for it! as an EMT who has a year or two of experience I can tell you i feel quite comfortable dealing with different types of patients (ranging from Traumas to Psych) and on top of that as an EMT youll feel quite comfortable taking vitals (once you can take a BP bouncing up and down in the back of a rig, you can do it anywhere) and assessing patients which in my opinion is the bread and butter of patient care. as an EMT try to get a job either Volunteering or working on an Ambulance or an ER/Patient care tech position. Youll learn lots and experience lots. so GO FOR IT!

    as for going to your Paramedic, I agree with everyone else here, the programs are at least a year long. Most of them prefer EMT experience before applying..

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    If you are not taking summer classes toward your major, why not? It would only make you a more well-rounded student in your nursing program and it is a good skill to have in life. EMT-B can definitely be done in a summer, though paramedic would require full time study of several months.

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