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I am considering applying at a school an hour away. Just wondering, how long is your commute to your nursing program going to be? The weather in my small city is kind of unpredictable. So I am kind of nervous about it. I live... Read More

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    I opened up more options for myself when I started looking at schools a little further away. I think they may be a little less competitive too since they are all in very small counties.

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    If I get into the ADN program here...only a 5 minute commute. There are also 2 BSN programs I'm applying to. One is 10 minutes away, but the other is 45 min. to an hour away (depending on traffic). I'm am hoping & praying I get into the ADN program or the BSN program nearby!!!

    I currently live in a big city and take the train in to work each day. Door to door, I have an hour and a half commute, so even if I end up having to go to the school further away, it won't be as bad as what I've got now. I'm moving to a new city in a few weeks to be closer to school. Can't wait!!!

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