Disqualified from COC (Venting?)

  1. Got an email today saying I was automatically disqualified from college of the canyons Fall 2013 program because my application was incomplete.

    I put my address, and accidentally overlooked putting my city and zip code. For that, they send me an automated insincere email saying something along the lines of 'sorry bud, you're done, apply again and hopefully you'll get in 6 months from now.'

    I love getting perfect grades, working my butt off, and jumping through all their specialized, personalized, and time consuming application requirement loops, just to get dropped like a sac of potatoes because I didn't put my city/zip code on the application.

    Sorry COC, when I'm applying to many schools, and I happen to be a human being, mistakes are bound to happen.

    I really hope something positive comes out of this, because I think this is just ridonkulous. Luckily I've applied to other schools, so not all hope is lost. It just would have been nice to have the opportunity to get my fair shot.

    Vent over.
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  3. by   StayHumble11
    How serious were you about that school? Just wondering because I don't see how somebody can leave required fields blank on such an important application. With all the applicants they get, I really do not blame them for how they handled your application. Sorry though.
  4. by   Hunter91
    I'm serious about every school I'm applying to, as should all others.

    I've checked every application I've sent at least three times. I put my address, and accidentally skipped the city/zip. I'm not perfect, I made a mistake and didn't catch it when rechecking. Sometimes you need a different perspective to pick up things you missed, even things that are hidden in plain sight.

    I was frustrated by the fact I just got dropped because of something so little, something that to me, appears to be so easy to correct. And the fact that they emailed me saying I have a '7-day grievance period' to dispute all findings, they still couldn't help me over what I see as a tiny issue, with unfortunately large consequences.
  5. by   runsalot
    Welcome to ns. Where one little mistake can cost you alot. Be glad it was on this end and not on the other side.
  6. by   rubato
    Sorry to hear that your application was thrown out over it.

    It's an unfortunate fact that in nursing school, they are hypercritical of every single thing. I've been in trouble because a piece of hair fell out of my ponytail and I touched my hair. I've been in trouble because my printer broke and I couldn't get something printed off in time that they had just emailed us before we left for school. I've been in trouble for waiting an extra couple of days to get my last hep b shot. It's this way through all of nursing school.

    So, yes, missing the line that said city and zip code is a silly little thing to miss, but they look at it like this: If you mess up on the little things, you're bound to mess up on the big things.

    I hope you can get in at one of the other places you applied, but just try to learn from it.
  7. by   SopranoKris
    You need to understand that part of being a nurse means being detail oriented. So yes, it stinks that they disqualified you for forgetting to fill out the city, state, ZIP code line. However, it also shows them that you didn't pay attention to detail. So, take it for what it's worth. Apply to other schools. If you have good grades and meet the pre-reqs, you should get in somewhere. I'll bet you'll never forget to fill out each section of the app after this!
  8. by   i♥words
    Really? You'd think they could have sent and email stating, "Your city and zip code were not on your application. Please email us with those details immediately." But, wait, that would have actually required a human being to take five minutes to type an email.