Discouraged by Nurses who hate their job

  1. So I am VERY excited about nursing, I will find out in two weeks if I am accepted into the RN Program. It really interests me and seems like something I will enjoy. The only thing that bothers me is EVERY nurse I have spoken to tells me they hate their job and if they could take it back they would have went into a different profession. They tell me not to do it. Has anyone else come across this also? It really does bother me, it's discouraging to hear people who have the job I am so anxious to have speak so negatively about it. I want to become and RN and eventually go back to school for my Bachelors or Masters, possibly become a Nurse Practitioner. Do any RN's here have any input on why you like or dislike your job? Thanks for any info!
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  3. by   lifelearningrn
    My sister has been an ADN for 25+ years and is one of those nurses who despise the field. When I told her I decided to be a nurse she was very negative about it. She said something along the lines of, "Why do you want to be a nurse? Why a BSN, they don't make anymore money than ADNs do. Just know that nursing school will eat you alive since they want to weed people out, you have to really want it, don't do it for the money!" Talk about moral support, right?

    I can assign some of her hatred of the field to the fact that she never wanted to be a nurse. My dad was old school and raised both my sister and I telling us the best work for women was nursing or teaching. He insisted my sis go to nursing school when she graduated. My sister did EVERYTHING my parents told her to do. She has resented it every since.

    I, unlike her, challenged everything my parents expected of me.. including nursing school. It's kind of funny that at 38 I've decided to go to nursing school on my own. But that is me, I tend to resist people who push me to do something, even if it's something I am interesting in.

    I can hear my dad from the grave saying, "I TOLD you to do this decades ago, what the heck took you so long!" *sigh* I really do miss him!

    I think my point here is that some nurses do get in to it for the wrong reasons and end up miserable because of it. Don't let them discourage you.. if this is what you want, go for it!
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  4. by   SomedayIWillBe
    I only know nurses who dislike their job, and tell me "Don't do it!"

    That's why it has taken me so long to commit, but I am...so I must still want to do it despite their feelings.
  5. by   Tooimpatient
    I will admit the money does attract me to it, but that isn't the only reason I want to go into nursing. I get bored easily, I like a fast paced job with a changing environment. I hear everyday is different being a nurse and that sounds great to me! lol I have a big heart and enjoy taking care of others who need it. The only thing I am worried about is I can be a little squeamish when it comes to blood but I feel that is something I can overcome once I am exposed to it on a regular basis. For some reason when people try to discourage me, it only makes me want to go after my goal that much more! I guess I'm hard-headed lol but I want to love nursing and prove them wrong! I have heard the horror stories of nursing school and how hard it is. I can push myself and I am very dedicated when it comes to school so I feel like I can do it.
    They say you are either made for nursing, or you're not. I guess the few who are made for it are the only ones who enjoy it....so I'm hoping I become one of those few.
  6. by   JROregon
    My sister has been a nurse for about 30 years and a labor and delivery nurse for almost that long. She manages her section now and still loves her job. She can't think of anything else she would rather do. She is no Sister Teresa either. She just loves most of her patients and wants to make sure moms and babies get through the birth process in the safest manner. The doctors, on the other hand, could stand a little improvement.
    I have heard from many nurses though that don't like their jobs or say they have too much work to do. I think it all depends on your personality and the department you work in. You need to find out where you fit in best and work towards that goal.
  7. by   Chris99mu
    Yep, I hear it every time I go into work (hospital) But then again, I was formerly in the business world working for a fortune 500 company. And that was definitely not for me. So this is at the other end of the spectrum, imo. So, something has to give, for me at least.

    I think a lot of it has to do with attitude. There are just some nurses who are constantly behind from the moment they clock in and swearing and fuming from the get-go. And *shocker* they tend to be the nurses that are the crabby, pessimistic ones. It's just their personality with work, life, etc. Sad, really. Also, we have some nurses who are basically slaves to their job due mostly to financial reasons - loans, etc. If you are soley working to pay off debt and not saving for a vacation or a new car, then yes, I would be jaded and pissy too. As it stands now, we are almost debt free and will be in a position to retire, should we choose, in our 40s. That knowledge combined with an effective SSRI and a previous-career perspective, all have me plugging forward with a smile and some hope. ;-)

    And remember, probably any job where there is extensive schooling or training, will have those people who are pessimistic or regretting. They exist everywhere, in all areas of life. Just don't think it's *only* nursing.
  8. by   SomedayIWillBe
    Chris99, you have a great point. I wonder if a lot of nurses who are unhappy feel that way because they regret their decision to be a nurse. I think when you come from a background of different types of jobs, it is easier to go into something you like because you know what you don't like.
  9. by   happy2learn
    If they are unhappy then they probably make the wrong career choice. That doesn't mean you will. I've met both nurses who love their job (including NP's) and some who hate it. Just because they hate it doesn't mean you will. Everyone is different.
  10. by   Intern67
    Quote from Tooimpatient
    Do any RN's here have any input on why you like or dislike your job? Thanks for any info!
    I am surprised to hear so many people saying, "every nurse I know" or "I only know nurses who" hate their job. I personally know many nurses who like their jobs and a few who love their jobs. The amount of praise and encouragement I get from on the job nurses is amazing.

    That being said, if you are looking for a place where people complain about their jobs, misbehave on the job, or make really bad career choices, this forum is certainly for you!
  11. by   CBsMommy
    I worked in another industry for 15 years prior to nursing and we liked to call that negative attitude stinkin' thinkin'. It is everywhere, in every type of industry, and I also agree that it is from the attitude of some employees. It takes one person with stinkin' thinkin' to spread their negativity around and effect the whole work place. I've seen it happen and will probably see it happen again. I don't like to get into the whole reason that I think some people are like this because it will make me sound mean, but the best advice that I have for you is to NOT LISTEN to it. Smile politely and know those people are a product of their own issues.

    For me, when I hear people spewing their issues, I remind myself that we in the US have a lot to be grateful for. My best friend's husband is overseas fighting in Iraq for a little less money than some nurses make. There are children that go to bed every night in this country that are hungry, abused, unloved. If everyone took a look at their problems in that light, I guarantee that will make them seem a little smaller and a little more petty and there probably wouldn't be as much complaining.

    Sorry, off my soap box.
  12. by   Tooimpatient
    Thanks for all the input. I know there are people like that in every industry but why be so negative!!?? lol I have worked a variety of many different jobs and honestly I have loved almost all of them! I'm not very hard to please and the more I learn about my job the more I enjoy it so I don't think I will become one of those people. I am on the edge of my seat right now waiting to find out if I got into the nursing program which starts this August. Lets hope so!
  13. by   greatpyr_mom
    My mom has been a RN for 40 years and she loves the job, taking care of patients, etc, but hates the hospital administration. The hospitals are unrealistic, too many patients to care for and not enough time on your shift. For the hospitals, it's all about the money, not the patient care.

    My mom is thrilled I am going into nursing. She thinks it's a great career choice for anyone who is interested in it.

    I am volunteering at a hospital now as I wait to get into a program, and those nurses on my ward like their jobs a lot, and some even love their jobs. No bad attitudes on my ward!

    Follow your dreams. Attitude is everything.
  14. by   CBsMommy
    OP, keep up that positive attitude and you will go far in life! Good luck!!!