1. Greetings all...

    I've been on this road for a long time. It seems as if everytime I get close, I find that I have yet another class to take or book to buy. Did I mention I am paying out of my empty pockets! I know, deep down in my heart that all of my hard work will pay off. However, or should I say BUT....I am feeling very.....frustrated, to say the least. Class after class, year after year, and I am STILL working on my pre-req's. I have approximately 9 classes (MATH, CHEM, STATISTICS, MICRO,PHARM, PATH, INTRO TO PROF NURSING) that I need to take. Micro begins next week. I'm taking a developmental math course and won't be eligble for College Algebra until Fall. You can't take Chemistry w/o meeting the math requirement. So what does this mean for me? Yep, you guessed it. I won't apply until 2012!!!!!! OMG! I feel like throwing in the towel...I have 75 hours and could easily major in General studies and walk accross the stage with a Bachelors degree in a year!..... BUT, I will always wonder "What If".
    Since I'm not much of a "risk" taker, I'm going to stick with it. We all have our moments....and I'm having mine today.

    good night all
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  3. by   johnson_katie
    Does your school allow you to take half semester courses? If it does, I would definitely try that! But I'd warn you.. it is a half semester course and you end up jam-packing a whole semester's worth of information into half the time.

    If you are disciplined enough to do that, go for it! You will be eligible to apply a lot sooner if you do that with the courses you need. Good luck!!
  4. by   travelgurl18
    I totally understand where you're at! I feel like I am in the same spot. I would do a lot of reasearch and apply to the schools in which you have met all the pre-reqs such as a community college. Even if that isn't your goal to go to a community college it will be another option that you have open to you also it might even be faster then taking more years of pre-reqs. It never hurts to create more opportunities for yourself!

    Also I would recomend maybe getting your CNA if you don't already have it or working as an aide or doing in home assistance. Its a great way to make some money while getting into the medical world and gaining experience while doing your pre-reqs. I know it feels like it might be taking forever but use this time to your advantage, capitalize on it. So when you do get into nursing school you will be well prepared, ready to take on clinicals and the material!

    As far as money, look into FAFSA and other state based grants for school if you haven't already.

    Best luck, hang in there it will all come together in the right time.
  5. by   cheeeze12
    Don't worry! I've been through that same feeling before and I'm pretty sure many others on this site have as well. But I'll tell you this now as you complete more and more classes you get closer and closer to being able to apply. It goes by real fast and when youre at that stage I bet you'll look back and say, "wow! That really did go by fast". Don't worry about when you're going to apply and all that. Take it one step at a time. You will get there! I can tell you that from my experience. What you can do for yourself is just keep doing what you're doing and knocking down those classes! Here where I live students have to complete algebra then be able to go to chem then qualify them to get to micro. You're blessed to already be in micro and not have to wait so, you got it good, don't worry. Apply for student loans through fafsa with low interest. You'll pay it off when you get a job. I know someone who got a loan for $90,000 and paid it off in a year in a half with the help of her husband and her own new RN job. But that doesn't mean rack up a loan repayment of that cost. I'm just giving examples of if your determined to get something and have a dream. Grab it! Pray for Gods blessings and guidance. It really does work! "God made our dreams couple sizes too big sothat we can grow into them". God bless
  6. by   mzrainydayz
    I hear ya my school requires 9 prereqs to be done completed before you can apply. I feel exhausted from all these classes, fortunate this is my last semester/class before I can apply to the ADN program in Sept for the Jan 2012 class. All I can say is never give up if it is your passion or dream. Nobody said the road to nursing school was going to be easy, besides anything worth wanting is worth working for. It was more difficult for me because I work full time and had to take 2 classes a semester, in the evenings when I get off work. What I keep telling myself there is a race to the finish line but not everyone gets to the finish line at the same time, I will get there in due time and by God's grace. Keep your head up and I wish you the best of luck.
  7. by   Anne36
    I had to start from square 1 taking goofy classes like Algebra and Chem as well. Those are things that should be accomplished in high school, alas that was so so long ago, lol. After I got the basics out of the way I went for the LPN first because it only requires 6 classes to begin. Im doing the LPN-RN that way I can work first and earn some money while I pick away at the rest of my pre-reqs. good luck
  8. by   NurseJessRN
    75 credit hours for prereqs? That cant be right, previous degree?
  9. by   working2b#1
    Continued.....From Discouraged to Encouraged......

    Thanks to everyone who replied. I really appreciate the encouraging words. A quick update, I started micro last Tuesday and to my suprise I am enjoying it! My interest has definately been sparked. I thought I had to attend for lab only but found out that it is lecture and lab on-campus. Bomber! Everything happens for a reason. My instructor is great! I am very luck to have an instructor that has patience and a sense of humor. I have started taking 5 Hour Energy because I get out of class at1030pm. By the time I get home and get in the bed it's almost 12am. I rise for work at 530 am and it has been a challenge. The class is over in Aug. and I am counting down the days. Registration for fall begins June 14th. OMG, it's almost time for fall and summer has just begun? I hope time continues to fly by.
    I'll keep checking in and providing details on my progress. I'm hoping to take the HESI this month.....so stay tuned!
  10. by   vegasmomma
    I am on the same roller coaster that goes from yay! to uugh! as well. I have had some bumps in the road with lost transcripts or hard to get into classes that put me further behind my schedule. One thing that helped me is to take accelerated summer courses...you can knock out a bunch in a short amount of time if you suck it up and turn off any distractions. I have been working days and taking classes at nights which also limits the possibilities for taking more classes so its seems like its taking forever! Another tip is to find some really dedicated and hard working study partners because they keep you focused and motivated through the burn out phases.

    One day we will look back on these days and say "I am so glad I didn't give up!"