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  1. I'm curious to see who else applied.
  2. Try and get your CNA license at ROP or through the American Red Cross, it will help you confirm if you really want to be a nurse. Also I think if your mom starts to see how truely passionate about nursing you are, and how it brings you happiness she might change her mind and come around.
  3. travelgurl18

    Should I Take a Different Path to Become a Nurse?

    I am in the same exact predicament, except the reason I was thinking about getting a bachelor's first is to have a chance to retake my pre-reqs (due to the 5 year recency) and increase my GPA. I think I'm going to shoot for the ADN another semester, and if I don't get in maybe consider another degree.
  4. travelgurl18

    Can I be a nurse if I'm NOT detail oriented by nature?

    Thanks, I going to try and do some different memory exercises and techniques
  5. travelgurl18

    How do I get acute care experience?

    Keep applying!
  6. travelgurl18

    are online MSN programs respected?

    Thanks for following up with an update!
  7. I am currently working as a CNA and Unit Sec. in a hospital and LOVING it! But I have a very bad memory so I have to write everything down, which hasn't stopped or hindered me from completing anything so far. Part of my job is entering labs and making lab slips for the nurses. It has to be VERY accurate and its very easy to miss something and make a mistake. Well I am only one week into it but I feel like I am not catching all the details that I should be. I don't know if I'm "slower" or too hard on myself of what but I'm worried that maybe I wouldn't make a good nurse because of this. I am good at doing all the skills but not the best with remembering numbers and verbal orders.
  8. travelgurl18

    Advice needed about classes

    Sounds very do-able!
  9. I had the same experience. Got a job within a month, as a CNA and unit secretary at a Magnet hospital. I LOVE IT! Its a teaching hospital and everyone is so kind and willing to help and answer all my questions. I had heard all the things you did like begining and haven't experenced any of it! I work in the peds ICU which can be very intense and busy at times. But everyone is super kind and understanding when I tell them that I just started and am wanting to go into nursing school. Its been exciting and I learn something new every day! A most of the nurses will even call me in to help if its a "juicy proceedure" -as I call it haha - or something so I can observe, ask questions, and of course help! I'm trying to get over my weak stomach and everyone is well... just as kind as can be! Don't be nervous! Be extreemly helpful, polite, and introduce yourself to everyone with a smile. They tend to have more patience for people they know and like. Anyways, its gonna be amazing!!! I'm so excited for you!!!!!
  10. travelgurl18

    How to be a Unit Secretary in California?

    I am a CNA, had no experience (altho I was a retail secretary for a while) and got hired as a unit sec. Just apply and taking a medical terminology class helps a lot as well!
  11. travelgurl18

    Another "be honest" request.

    Look into the MSN programs as well, they might have MSN/MBA programs which might help you in the right direction
  12. travelgurl18

    Help With Choosing A Career Path

    I would start familiarizing yourself with different working environments, volunteering, job shadowing, networking and find out what feels right and logically makes sense. Even if something sounds like a good idea, if you have never physically put yourself into that kind of work environment or observed directly it might not be a good idea to just jump in and hope it works out. In the meantime I would suggest that on top of taking an anatomy class and seeing how you like it.
  13. travelgurl18

    i want to die i failed my cna exam

    One guy in my CNA class was a psychologist from Russia try to start all over in America. He had a DOCTORATE and had taken pulse a million times before. His English was still needing work but he was very intellegent. He also failed on the radial pulse. He swore he got the right number but had to take it again. All of us were so mad on his behalf. And even though he was as well, he sucked it up took it again and passed. Now thats humility! Don't beat yourself up about it. Take it again, you will do great!
  14. travelgurl18

    Pediatrics CNAs...

    They will probably ask you what experience you have had with kids and how comfortable you are around them. If you will be around very sick kids, like in the ICU they might ask if you are able to handle a child dying. Those were the questions I got asked anyway. In my interview I played up my years of experience babysitting, volunteering with the kids vacation bible study at church, and being the oldest child in my family giving me a natural "mothering" tendency. I love working with kids, they can be a lot of fun and never complain :)
  15. travelgurl18

    Can the PICU ever be fun?

    I work as a CNA in the PICU at it can be sad at times, but the majority of the time isn't. I love holding the babies, cuddling, or keeping the kids company when I can. They might not all be able to go to the playroom but its definatly not a somber enviorment. And you learn to laugh and have fun despite having so many critically ill patients.