Didn't get in, now what?

  1. I applied to 6/7 different nursing programs and I didn't get in.

    What should I do now that it's my 3rd year of undergraduate school? My overall GPA is 3.2 low compared to the school's averages and here are my prerequisite stats.
    Anatomy: B
    Physio: B
    Stats: B
    Eng: Ap Credit (will take this summer)
    Psych: Ap Credit (will take this summer)
    Critical Thinking: B
    Micro: A
    Nutrition: A-
    Develop. Psych: A
    Soc: A
    Gen Chem: C+ and B
    Bio/O Chem: A

    Science Avg GPA: 3.15 (no retakes)
    TEAS: 92.7
    Supplemental: Volunteered 200+ hours, nutrition summer internship, student club member

    Any suggestions on how to improve my score or tips on strengthening my application? I am just feeling very sad but need encouragement. I would like to get into a BSN program in California, but realistically I'm not sure I have a competitive GPA. Thank you for taking the time to read. I wonder if anyone else is in the same boat.
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  3. by   unionnurse12
    Now I'm starting to freak out!!!! We don't require the TEAS My Cumm GPA 3.06 Science/Math GPA 3.8 I seriously thinking my Cumm GPA isn't high enough to be competitive enough to get into a program.......after 5 rejections letters in a row you start questioning if your hair is the wrong color
  4. by   zoe92
    Is there any way you can apply out of state? Or a private (not for profit!) school? State schools are so competitive because their BSN tuition is usually cheaper.
  5. by   unionnurse12
    All my rejections have come from private (not for profit) schools.......I seriously think I'm just over analyzing this
  6. by   HeatherMax
    Can you try out of state? Or apply for an ASN school or RN diploma school then bridge to your BSN?
  7. by   zoe92
    Quote from unionnurse12
    Now I'm starting to freak out!!!! We don't require the TEAS My Cumm GPA 3.06 Science/Math GPA 3.8 I seriously thinking my Cumm GPA isn't high enough to be competitive enough to get into a program.......after 5 rejections letters in a row you start questioning if your hair is the wrong color
    3.06 as a cumulative is a little low. I would retake some classes or something to bring it up to at least a 3.2
  8. by   LifeIsGood76
    I would apply to an ADN program through a community college. Then, do an RN-BSN bridge program later on. That is what I am doing. Yes, an ADN isn't as desirable as a BSN, but at least you can start working as an RN. Good luck!
  9. by   unionnurse12
    In memphis the ADN programs are harder to get into than the university programs....In 3 yrs I've brought my GPA up from a 1.53 to a 3.1 .........maybe I just need to give up even thought its my dream I can only stay in this holder pattern for so long. And as far as retaking classes I only have 6 C's in my cum GPA and 3 of those classes are no longer offered by the university
  10. by   windsurfer8
    I would say this...open up to more schools. I was living in MA and ended up getting my BSN in Virginia. I would say apply EVERYWHERE...look at schools in Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Utah...because truly..once you are IN..you control how hard you work. I knew when I was accepted that I had "made it" because I knew I would not quit until I graduated. The hard part is the part you don't control...the getting accepted part. Even if you end up in South Dakota at least you are in.
  11. by   lauraline
    I also applied to schools in the Bay Area. And I hate to say it but I think your feeling is right, your GPA is okay but isn't quite competitive enough for BSN programs. You could keep trying but it's like a shot in the dark. Although they say they always look at the overall application, it still is super tough to get in when there's maybe 900 other applicants who are in the same boat for only like 100 seats. But don't worry because there are other routes to get to the same destination. If I were you, I would just keep applying because you never know when you might get lucky, and expand your options to more ADN programs. I know many of which are lottery based so that will give you an equal chance as someone with a higher GPA. And then I would also consider a back up plan such as completing your degree in a different major (Biology, Psychology, or Health Sciences). Then you can apply when you graduate, and you will be in a position for direct entry MSN programs as well. You could also amp up your volunteer hours and maybe even start working as a CNA to boost your application. But don't stress yourself out too much. Don't worry you will get there, just stay on the right track, be patient and keep at it--you will get there eventually.

    Also, I noticed you applied to SDSU. What about applying to more schools in SD? I think there's a lot of great schools in that area. What about Mesa College or Miramar College? Does UCSD or USD have a program? I lived in SD for years, and it's just like SF only much better weather.

    I just wanted to add that I am sort of in the same boat. My GPA was 3.3 and is on the low side because I have a previous degree. I knew my application wouldn't be competitive enough to get into BSN/ABSN/MSN right away. I came to terms with that, because I had to be realistic with myself.

    So I think the key is to expand your number of schools you apply to, it will increase your chances of getting in somewhere. Don't be picky, there's nothing wrong with ADN, in fact some prefer it because its the fastest route to RN. You can always bridge. This is what I am doing. Nothing wrong with a Plan B.

    And if you don't want to move out of CA I totally understand that. I was born and raised here and I lived out of state for a very short while, I felt like a fish out of water. But there's tons of other schools in CA, explore your options! LA/Orange County area is great too.

    Good luck!
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  12. by   NorCalKid
    I would say your grades are on the low side. I would look at programs and filter them so you are applying at the ones you have a chance at. You could get into some that are a lottery eventually but you wouldn't be competitive at my local csu. I had a 4.0 on the sciences and it still took me 3 semesters of applying.

    Might want to look into Western Undergraduate Exchange, a program that allows in state tuition in neighboring states.
  13. by   akulahawkRN
    Well, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again! It took me 13/15 applications sent out before I was accepted. I got acceptance letters from #14 and #15... for the same semester. Because of my own specific circumstances, I could only apply to 2 programs, therefore I had to wait 4 years from 1st application to acceptance. I kept re-applying because I had a goal, and now I'm only 1 year away from reaching that goal. Keep going, don't give up until every program tells you that you're not qualified. There's a HUGE difference between being "not qualified" and "not accepted."
  14. by   readyforachangenow
    I would retake classes to bump up your GPA. Depending on how competitive the programs are in your area. We have school around here that you won't get looked it unless you have a 3.6.