Can an "C" average student make it in the nursing world? Help Please - page 3

Okay this is my last semester, i did 6 semester in all, my science and graduation prereqs are all done now it's just applying to the program.Only thing is that I have a 2.87 GPA due to few C's in my math and science courses. next... Read More

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    From a very real place a 2.7 gpa doesn't show that you had a strong handle on the material in your pre reqs. If you just barely scraped by on the easiest part of your education, it make hurt you. But hopefully you get in.
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    To the OP... No.
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    Quote from x_factor

    Why would it be acceptable for a student with barely passing grades to be allowed into a program and take away a spot from a student that worked hard to obtain a very competitive GPA, all because they "kissed butt" to the dean? That is absurd, sad, and pathetic on very many levels and I find it sad that you would not only recommend doing this, but even admit that you yourself would do it.

    Seriously people, what happened to working hard for something and actually earning it.
    I appreciate your reply, however I don't know the criteria for the school(s) OP is applying for and I know most nursing schools have more than one criteria that's looked at for selection. I am assuming OP knows that her chances for selection are low if GPA is heavily weighted upon. If she wants this as badly as she says she does, she will try to retake classes and get to know the dean personally and like I said earlier do whatever she can to get a a spot. When people really want a coveted spot they will do what's necessary, it happens a lot and I know that doesn't make it right. I personally don't see anything absurd, sad or pathetic about that unless you're hurting someone. I haven't started my pre reqs yet, but I have already personally met with the dean/ program manager for the nursing schools I am hoping to apply to, they have my name and phone number and know how passionate I am about nursing and I have been told by some of them to call when I eventually put my application through. I will not be "taking a spot away" from someone else. If op communicates her problems with her pre reqs correctly to whoever is in charge, I don't think she would be either.
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    I was a medical assistant working in hospitals and clinics for 2 years, Cna for 2 years and volunteer work along the sides of a RN for 18 months now. so I know what to do in situations. a doctor told me to get into nursing since i been in the healthcare for 5 years. just not getting the in depth science like cells, mitosis an etc.

    Math 118=B
    English 101=B
    Bio 121=C
    Bio 226= C
    Bio 227=C
    Pharm= B
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    You need to re-take your sciences and aim for A's in order to be a more competitive applicant. Nursing school isn't dependent on just clinical skills, you must be able to read, comprehend, and apply the things from your books as well. The sciences are particuarly important, they are the basis for learning about the human body, how it works, and the functions of its parts. You need a firm grasp and a good understanding of those sciences, otherwise you will sink in nursing school.
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    Quote from courty21
    You can ABSOLUTELY make it in nursing school and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! I was also an average student in college. I failed both organic 1 and 2 on my first trys and barely made it through biochemistry alive. I passed my other science classes (histology, virology, endocrinology) with Cs. I graduated with a 2.9 GPA. I am just about to graduate from nursing school with a 3.3 GPA. If you want it badly enough you will find a way to make it happen. Good luck!
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    Retake sciences if possible and take a teas prep class before taking the test. I am just getting started but i do know that nursing is my passion and if I have to spend $$$ on buying all kinds of different books to help me and take an extra class or two I will! Also have you taken the VARK assessment to see what kind of learner you are? I just started Biol and our first assignment was to take the quick assessment so we can figure out what kind of learners we are. Best of luck to you I hope you get in somewhere
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    I disagree with the comment about the Teas test. I did not do very well on the teas test- enough to get in the nursing program- my nursing exams were all in the high 80's to 99 . I hated the Teas- it made me feel stupid. As for being a CNA- wiping butt all day does nothing for ur future as nurse. It teaches short cuts and bad habits bc ur workload will not allow you to be a proper CNA.
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    I wanna add that being a CNA is back breaking and under appreciated work. They are treated poorly and I can't stand it. I would never disrespect the CNAs that work for me on my shift.

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