Is it better to get a C in Nursing Pre-Req, or fail the class and retake?

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    Hello everyone!

    This is for Statistics prereq.


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    Can you get a C and possibly retake? I wouldn't fail it on purpose to retake it.
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    Hello, thanks for replying! I can't retake with a C. At my school, it is only if you get a D or F that you can retake and replace the grade. Do you know if most nursing schools look at the higher grade, or take an average of the two?
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    How competitive is the program?
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    Better get a C than fail or retake.

    In the end, what they look at is your GPA. If you've taken and fail a class, that'll affect your GPA making it lower. Take the C and work hard on getting better grades with your other classes.
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    IDK, if you can get a grade forgiveness, it may look better. As long as the grade is replaced; not added on. Colleges look past withdrawing and forgiving. Everyone does it. It can be a good strategic move, but meet with an academic adviser tomorrow and check! I've had an academic adviser tell me "you should have withdrawn and grade forgiven it. Now, this grade is there for life." See what they say.
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    IDK how competitive your program is, but I got a C in sadistics and was just glad it was done. A realistic nursing program knows all students will have 'something' they struggle with. Chem & Sadistics was mine.
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    "Sadistics" hahahahaha I can't breathe !!!
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    Why don't you withdraw and take a "W" instead of the D or F if you don't think you'd pass with higher than a C?
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