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Backpack recommendations for nursing student

  1. 0 I hope this is appropriate to ask in this forum. I am starting LPN school in September. The school is about a mile from my house. I will be biking or walking most days. I need a good backpack or messenger bag. I don't mind paying for an expensive one. It needs to be waterproof. Rain and snow will not stop me from getting to school. I imagine it will need to be big. I hear there are alot of books involved. I am just learning how to ride a bike so I can ride to school. I guess it would need to fit securly on my back. Any advice? Would a messenger bag be better? They seem to have more room. Thanks. Colleen
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    Kelty makes great backpacks. They are designed for hiking, so they are very durable. They are more expensive than Jansport or Eastport would be, but a good investment if you are going to be biking or walking to school.
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    One word - wheels.

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    You should look on They have a lot of outdoor gear, and backpacks for all types. I just ordered one from there, it was a Northface and they make them to fit especially for women or men. So I would suggest looking online.
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    you really want two straps i oftan walk and one strap just doesent cut it two straps helps distribute the weight better
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    mandana said it WHEELS!!! I had a plain back pack that just went on your back and after a week of shoulder and back time out came the back pack with wheels.
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    Definitely a wheeled backpack. Nursing books are really heavy, they are more like tomes! You do not want to injure your back carrying around all your books and binders. Get a good wheeled backpack with lots of pockets so you can carry a tape recorder, pens, pencils, and water bottles with you! I switched and was really glad I did.
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    I got a wheeled one but it also has straps for when you want to bike with it from
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    Quote from mandana
    One word - wheels.


    ABSOLUTELY. Either Lands End or LL Bean has some good ones.
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    I slogged through school with a sturdy backpack - which came with a waist strap.

    Ofcourse, I was already used to lugging crap in the Army

    If you do stick to plain old backpack, get one which has some kind of backboarding built in - if your bag doesn't keep the books supported, trust me, your back WILL.

    And you don't want that happening, no sireebob!

    If you're willing to splurge - look for a portable wheelie bag.
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    The REI backpacks are amazing. I have this talent of loading down backpacks until shoulder straps litterally snap. :angel2: I got one of the REI bags back in high school (graduated 2002) and still haven't managed to break the thing.

    Otherwise if you're worried about your back, I would definately say a wheely back pack, though I don't know how well that would work if you are biking it to school.
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    Quote from mandana
    One word - wheels.


    Another word- Walmart.
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    I just got a really nice backpack from L.L. Bean. It has a pocket for my laptop, a cell phone holder on the shoulder strap, water bottle holder, a small compartment for pens/pencils, and even a little compartment for an ipod or CD player with a hole for the headphone cord to go through so you can listen to it while wearing the backpack. Last year I used a messenger bag. It worked okay because I only had one class a day (I'm going part-time) and I didn't usually need to bring my textbook. But, the days I did need to bring my book, my shoulder would hurt so bad. A backpack with two straps is much easier to carry.