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Anybody have Plan B?

  1. 0 I really want to work in a hospital setting

    So my plan B is hospital administration.

    That's only if I do not getting into nursing program....

    How about you guys?
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    There is no Plan B lol. No but seriously, I'm sacrificing a LOT to do this and there is no option but for it to work out. I've already been accepted to an ABSN program...finding the money to pay for it and getting through the prog is all that needs to be completed, and I'm expecting that all goes as planned.

    I do have a B.A. in another field that I can fall back on, & I can always just apply to law school as previously planned, but I don't anticipate needing to. As of now, Nursing is and will be, my future.

    Best of luck on acceptance OP!
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    A few people have asked me this over the past few months, and I all I can do is laugh nervously. There is no plan B for me. I've only applied to one nursing program. If I don't get accepted... ick, I don't even want to think about that. I guess I'd probably get my CNA certification and work until I do get accepted to either this particular program or another one. But any direction I take will still lead to nursing.
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    Hospital administration - really? Have you looked into the scarcity of those jobs and the qualifications of people who fill them? You'll need a masters degree (MHA or MBA with focus in health care finance). Why not look at another type of clinical profession; there are lots of alternatives.
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    No plan B here. I have been wanting to do nursing my whole life and tried many other things to be sure. I mean yes there are always other options with schooling but never the career. I am blessed at my school Everyone that meets the requirements, certain classes with atleast a B, back ground cheak and CNA you can gt in to the program, but I know not all schools are like this. Good luck with what ever you choose.
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    No plan B for me...if I don't get into a nursing school, apply again and apply to more schools!! lol
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    I didn't have to rely on it, but my plan B was to become a paramedic since my goal is to work in a level 1 trauma hospital's ED.
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    What wordsofmymouth said exactly. I don't want to think about it though!!
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    Plan b is reapply the next semester. And most likely take the extra time to become a CNA like others have said.
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    No plan B. I will just apply the next semester.
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    No Plan B here either. I have a lot riding on this. My dream is to be a nurse-midwife. If I don't get in, I can always go back to some secretary job or something, continue to take doula clients here and there. But to me, failure simply isn't an option. I will just keep trying, somehow, someway.
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    My plan b is to apply with a private school if I don't get accepted.
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    Apply again in the spring and get my cna meanwhile maybe work part time as a cna, and just keep applying. Work on my essay, gpa, experience (as a cna)