Any schools still accepting applications? PLEASE HELP! Any schools still accepting applications? PLEASE HELP! | allnurses

Any schools still accepting applications? PLEASE HELP!

  1. 0 Does anyone know if there are still any nursing schools anywhere still accepting applications for FALL 2011? Either BSN program or the accelarated. Anywhere, any answer would help me a lot!

    Oh and im still taking classes right now (spring semester 2011) so if i have to send m transcripts before the semester is over, suppose they would be incomplete.
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    My school is taking applications until 3/11. Since I'm a freshman here my application is probably different then a transfers. if you're interested. You might want to just email the head of nursing b/c idk if you can find the application online
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    Trinity University in DC and Curry College outside of Boston in MA are still taking applications. Also, check on the NursingCAS website for more information. I think Creighton is still accepting as well as UMDNJ and maybe some schools in Texas too. Hope that helps!
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    If you are willing to move, the University of Arkansas at Little Rock is still accepting applications.
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    Kimamichi Technology center is taking applications till April 15 2011
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    thank you everyone! i was beginning to think it was too late for me. thank you again!! i can only hope now that my gpa is good enough. *crosses fingers*
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    I believe that Coppin State in MD is still taking apps til the end of the month.
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    MGH Institute of Health Professions I think is May 1st in Boston.
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    MDC in Miami, FL is still taking applications...
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    NAU is taking traditional BSN applications until March 15th. They have programs in Flagstaff, Yuma, and Tucson.
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    Creighton University in Omaha, NE accepts them on a rolling basis year long until each class is full. I've heard from others that this fall is full, but it doesn't hurt to apply. They put together a waiting list and accept people until orientation day. It's a great program, I'm in it right now.
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    University of Southern Alabama