Alternative majors?! Out of motivation.

  1. Lately, I've been feeling extremely discouraged when it comes to nursing. I don't feel like my grades or anything is good enough to get in to any programs. Everybody that I've talked to that got in had straight A's and over 87% on their teas. If I don't get in on my first round of applications, I decided to try to major in something else. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE nursing. The thought of doing that for the rest of my life makes me really happy but, I honestly don't think I will get into an BSN programs. A lot of people tell me "if that's what you really love, then keep trying". But I really cant afford to keep trying. I don't have that kind of time and especially money. Are there any other fields worth exploring? I am only interested in science/health related fields. Thank you!
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  3. by   dt70
    Speak with a school counselor, maybe your wrong about your chances.
  4. by   Herrington
    I agree with dt70, go and get some additional information about the statistics of those applied and accepted. You might be surprised about your odds of getting in. I don't know if it'll make you feel any better, but I certainly don't have straight A's. I was kind of an idiot in my earlier college years and I know I could have done better with some of my classes that I'm now using as pre-reqs (I would take them over, but there's a few unrelated things preventing me from doing so), but since I started up again last Fall, I've gotten my act together and am pulling A's now but again, those earlier classes are probably going to stay as they are. I've not taken the TEAS V yet, but as I understand, a lot of schools require something like at least an 80%? I'm sure you could pull that off.
    I've heard on this forum that some people were able to get into their programs with non-straight A's and barely above the TEAS V requirement, so it's possible. That's what I keep thinking of (granted, having straight A's and a good TEAS V would be ideal, but you get the point).
    If, however, you find that you're simply out of resources to go for nursing, there are other things like certain health professions, like physical therapy, radiology techs, etc. that you could always look into.
  5. by   BusiestBSN
    I do not understand how you can switch to another degree & use up money/time on that but you are out of money/time for nursing?

    Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Apply to more than one program so that if you are not accepted to that one school, it is not the end all be all.
  6. by   ohhivivian
    Of course, I have been talking to an advisor. And of course, I'm applying to more than a few programs. I think you guys have misinterpreted my intention of this post. All I'm asking is some potential BACK-UPS to nursing. Despite my pessimism, I will still try my hardest to do well and pursue nursing. Thanks for all your suggestions and comments so far!
  7. by   NurseGirl525
    I wouldn't go off of what other people say will get you into a program. You need to speak with an advisor about what is needed to get into the program. There is a huge rumor at my school that you have to have straight As to get in with a ridiculous Teas score. An 87 is awful high for Teas. When I spoke with my advisor she told me straight As is not needed and gave me a realistic Teas score number that I would need to get in. If you really want to do this and you are just worried about your grades and scores talk with someone that can give you definite answers, not what the rumor mill is around the school. Good Luck!!
  8. by   boragirl02
    I understand how you feel! I thought I was not going to be accepted at my school's ADN program because my TEAS scores were lower than most applicants, but I got straight A's in my Science pre-reqs so I guess that's the reason I got in. Before I found out I got in, I looked at back-up degrees such as Sonography, Respiratory Therapy (RT), Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) and Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA). If becoming a Nurse is really your dream and if you really have a tough time getting into a BSN program, why don't you try going for your ADN at a community college first then bridge to BSN? If that's also going to be a challenge for you to get into, why not try to go for LPN then bridge to RN then do another bridge to BSN? You will become a nurse whatever option your choose! Good luck to you!
  9. by   RunBabyRN
    What about doing your ADN or even LVN and then bridging to BSN later? Many ADN programs run off of a lottery system.
    Also, as has been suggested, cast a wide net. I applied to 10 schools and got into 2. I don't have straights As, either. But by applying to several programs, I had better odds, and sure enough it worked. I'm graduating in May.
  10. by   dt70
    Best Health Care Jobs | Best Jobs | US News Careers
    There may be a job you have not heard of. Some career paths are easier and some more difficult.
    Physical Therapist Assistant has less classes, but it doesn't look like a walk in the park by a long-shot. It has A&P I & II requirements.
    Maybe pick some careers that sound interesting, look at school requirements. Run your choices by your school counselor to pick their brain.
  11. by   brs_2010
    If you have any community colleges or colleges that offer ASN programs in your area or near by, you should also apply to those. Most of those PROGRAMS (not counting prereqs... but it sounds like you have those done anyways) are only two years and then you can to a bridge program (that is usually one year) to get your bachelors and already be working as a nurse at that point, while getting your bsn. If you don't get in, you don't get in but it never hurts to try.
  12. by   815Runner
    In talking to schools for nursing, they all have said they are very competetive and you need A's in all the pre-req science courses. Good news is most of the pre-reqs are the same for nutrition and other science/medical based degrees but arent nearly as competetive. Good luck! Im in them same stressful shoes
  13. by   windsurfer8
    If you just want to get a job ASAP then apply to everything. Echo techs, radiology, cytotechnologist..those are all hard to get into as well but science careers ARE hard for a reason.If you want to go NURSING then talk with people who can help you. You say "everybody tells you"...??ok who is "everybody"? Talk with the school about your grades. Talk with them about the application process. It is not easy and it should not be easy. It is 100% up to you.
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