All CSU will soon require same pre-requisites

  1. Am I the only one just hearing about this?!

    Effective no later than fall 2014, admission to CSU baccalaureate nursing degree programs (pre-licensure and post-licensure), associate-to-master's nursing degree programs, and entry-level master's nursing degree programs shall require successful completion of the following eight systemwide nursing program prerequisites. No campus may require more, fewer, or different program prerequisites than those included on this list; and there shall be no prerequisites to these eight nursing program prerequisites. The order in which these eight nursing program prerequisites courses are taken may be subject to campus discretion. The chancellor in consultation with the Academic Senate of the California State University may amend the standardized prerequisites for nursing degree programs (Education Code section 66055.5).
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  3. by   alibear27
    That would be a miracle if it actually happened! Now if only we could get the community colleges to do the same thing....
  4. by   5 meals
    Whew, it doesn't require me to take anything I wasn't already going to take!
  5. by   bigsick_littlesick
    This is what I wish they did years ago! It never made sense to me that they all have different pre-reqs for the same licensure in the end. I think the schools that have way more pre-reqs than others were trying to get more tuition $$$ for a highly sought after degree! This is good news for future to-be nurses, IMO.
  6. by   HeatherMax
    It should be like this everywhere!
  7. by   Everline
    I don't live in California but this seems really good.
  8. by   vintagemother
    I didnt click the link... Does this change also affect the GPA requirements? I ask this because at present, some csu's look at cumulative GPA, some look at nursing only and some I assume use other methods.