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    I got accepted into the RN program for Fall13'!! After about 2 years of pre-reqs I finally get to start my nursing school journey!! Orientation is in about a month! Now just have to get physical, immunizations, and CPR certification! I am so nervous about starting the nursing program!! Just wanted to share my excitement! :-D

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    Congrats! Where are you going? I too was accepted and the packet we received that had our "to do" list looks grueling LOL Background Checks, Physicals, CPR, Immunization Titers..oh my!
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    I got my acceptance letter today as well! Congratulations!
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    Congradulations! Im also doing my pre requsities in 2 years, hopefully when i apply i get accepted too!! Goodluck!
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    Congrats, I was accepted last week! Class of 2015 woohooo!!
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    Thank you everyone! Woohoo!
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