A year between pre-reqs and nursing school? - page 2

I've recently decided that I'd like to pursue nursing. I already have my English pre-requisites completed, but I still need stats, lifespan psych, chemistry, microbiology (and biology because it's a... Read More

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    I was lucky and waited 1.5yrs. Others in my class had to wait 3 years to get in. I'm surprised how much I actually remember.

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    Here it is a 2 year wait list, for many of the schools. If you can afford the private school you are pretty much guaranteed a spot in the next class if you pass the entrance exam. For the 2 year wait, the nursing programs are super hard to get in. You have to have an A is all of the science prerequisites and math. At least that 2 year wait gives you time to retake any that you might have earnd less than an A in.

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