a&p II and micro in same semester?

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    Can it be done?
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    Yes it can as long as you have enough time to dedicate to studying for each class.

    I did both courses over the summer and was able to get A's in both.

    Good Luck!
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    anything is possible, seen a lot of people do this and still pass even with the hardest teachers, most material overlaps and makes sense, but a lot of your time will be in studying and its going to be stressful at times since its a lot of work. overall just have fun with the material and you will be fine always critical think in those classes to succeed.
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    Hey there, it can definitely get done. I am actually taking AP 1 and Micro at the moment because I am in a hurry to wrap up pre-reqs for and accelerated nursing program. I have to emphasize that it will not be easy, but study study study and you'll be fine. Alot of the stuff overlaps too.
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    Sure, it can. I'm doing it right now It all hinges on how much time you have to devote to each subject. Both reading, studying & other work (e.g. writing papers, formal lab reports, etc.) Don't attempt it unless you can truly devote enough time to each class.
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    Yup, and moved and started a new job the same semester. Landed an A and a B respectfully. Just do your work diligently.
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    Ditto, A & B respectively.
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    I was totally a glutton for punishment and did AP2, Micro and Chem all in one semester....and survived!
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    Sure can be! I'm taking both AP II and micro this semester and will end up with an A in both! Best I've ever done in my science classes! Made a C in Principles and AP I. Just have to make sure and keep up and not get behind Good luck!
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    I did it as well. It was the best decision for me because I had the same teacher for both subjects.

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