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Hello all my fellow future nurses! Right now I'm in A&P 2 , and we're going to dissect a sheep brain tomorrow! I am at a huge disadvantage - outside of a worm in middle school, I've never... Read More

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    I homeschool my kids and have taught an elementary dissecting class for a co-op. I ordered everything from grasshoppers to fetal pigs (which came in a kit) from home science tools. It is remarkably cheap and you can find guides for it all on the Internet. It is really neat and at home you have plenty of time to explore and can cut the stuff to death. Much easier than you would imagine. . My fav is cow eyeballs which I got from a meat processor for free. There is an awesome online tutorial for those..

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    I'm really surprised at the difference of disections in the same classes. In my A&P 1 we did the sheep brain and eye, and so far in 2 we just did the heart. I wish our class was doing a cat, that sounds awesome!
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    Our school does Anatomy then Physiology. We are on the quarter system. In anatomy we do the dissections. My lab partner and I are having our first Cat dissection check this next week. We spent three extra hours in open lab to finish our dissection of the cat muscles from our Unit list. It is interesting, a little weird and sad, and plenty of the ewww factor. Humectent is the worst though. It smells horrible and just makes you feel icky. Luckily as the quarter goes on, the smell of humectent dies down. We have exams this next week (our second round) and it is on the joints, muscles, heart and vessels. It is a HUGE amount of information. We will also be dissecting a sheeps brain and a calf eye.

    How is everyone else doing with the amount of work it requires? Our nursing programs are so competative that everyone freaks out if they don'e have A's in their science courses. Most of our schools require Anatomy, Physiology, Chem, Cell Biology, Micro and Stats, along with English, Communications, Diversity credit, Pysch 200 and some programs also require nutrition and med term.

    I am two quarters away from being done with all of my pre-reqs. I can't believe it. It seemed like forever, now it is so close!
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    How did you get through A&P 1 without dissecting anything? We did the cat muscles, sheep's eye and brain. In A&P II this semester, we have already done the sheep heart and the cat blood vessels. I think organs are up next. It's really not that bad! Really interesting! I wish we could look at a human cadaver like I imagine they do in med school.
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    I almost wish I would have waited for next quarter. I am in the honors program and they are offering an honors Anatomy class next quarter and they get a full cadaver for their entire class.. I am at least hoping to get a peek at it. We are doing the Entire cat in Anatomy. Next week is our Muscle check, then we have vasculature and then viscera last. All of this we do in a 10 week period. It is CRAZY fast. I don't know how people take Anatomy or Phys online or Micro online, but they do. I can't imagine trying to learn all of this without hands on experience.
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    Wow! It's been a minute since I've updated this thread so I thought I'd bring it to everyone's attention so we can check in!

    In our class we've dissected the sheep brain, and the cow's eye. We also got to hold and play with a human brain! It was really big, and heavy, and thanks to the pia mater really slippery! I almost dropped it...that would've been great material for a movie lol

    We're also getting ready to have our first exam on Thursday. I am NOT excited and I don't feel ready. All the good vibes you can spare would be appreciated =]

    How is everything going? What are you guys doing?
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    Also! I wanted to post up what's been burned into my brain:

    ON - Olfactory - I
    OLD - Optic - II
    OLYMPUS'S - Occulomotor - III
    TOWERING - Trochloear - IV
    TOPS - Trigeminal -V
    A - Abducens - VI
    FIN -Facial - VII
    AND - [Auditory] Vestibulocochlear - VIII
    GERMAN - Glossopharyngeal - IX
    VIEW - Vagus - X
    SOME - Spinal Accessory - XI
    HOPS - Hypoglossal - XII

    did you guys learn this in class? What about the "Some Say Marry Money, But My Brother Says [it's] Bad Business [to] Marry Money"

    I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir and you guys are all knee deep in the same =]
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    Quote from sd340
    How did you get through A&P 1 without dissecting anything? We did the cat muscles, sheep's eye and brain. In A&P II this semester, we have already done the sheep heart and the cat blood vessels.
    I was wondering the same thing myself. It sounds like you're on the same schedule we are: we did the cat muscles (which really didn't involve dissection so much as just skinning), sheep eye, and sheep brain in A&P 1. Now in A&P 2 so far we've done the sheep heart and cat blood vessels, plus sheep lungs. If I'm not mistaken, I think we're covering digestive next.
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    I did both my A&P I and II online with University of Phoenix. We did all of our labs virtually
    I am so grateful!! I couldn't imagine cutting up an animal
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    Well, let's see. We finished up the Cat Muscles last week (Dissection check #1) and my lab partner and I got 20/20 so Whoo Hoo. Today we dissected a Bovine heart (AWESOME)! Ours had a heart defect so it was especially cool. We do Brain dissections next week. We have our second practical next Tuesday, and have had two exams. I am in Anatomy, as we seperate ours into Anatomy and then Physiology. Thank you for the Mnemonic.. that will come in handy tomorrow. We start the nerves and brain tomorrow in lecture. I have an A so far (by my fingernails) but I am determined to keep it. I am also taking a Dev Ed class and two honors Humanities classes this quarter.. The dissections are going pretty well. Thursday we have a check for Vasculature of the cat. 15 ateries and 15 veins. Then on to the Viscera and then we shall be finished with cats. We still have the Sheeps brain and the Cow Eye to do though in lab and finishing up our cats. We named ours Voltron and he has a CSI t-shirt that we wrap him in.

    How is everyone else doing?

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