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  1. Summer 2012 - Check in

    taking two courses this summer - Chemistry 111 and College Algebra [Math 121]. Debating on whether I should add Bio 111 to that or not... good luck to you all this summer, and enjoy your break in the meantime!
  2. A&P 1 Spring 2012 Check-in

    Had my final on Tuesday and the final practical last week. A on the practical C on the final B overall in the class I am really proud of it because I struggled all semester with this class. My gpa is in tact! woo hoo!
  3. I failed.

    FINAL UPDATE ** I stopped getting online [for the most part] so I wasn't able to update you all. As the semester progressed I continued to get D's on every single regular exam No matter what I did, no matter how I studied, I still got D's. However, ...
  4. I failed.

    I haven't forgotten about this thread! Thank you all for your suggestions. The practical went a lot better than I expected - I got an 85%. Our professor is also pushing back Exam 2 until AFTER Spring Break so I'll have an extra undisturbed [well...ki...
  5. I failed.

    Thank you all for your responses! You all don't know what this means to me. I will take everyone's advice from here on forward. I just pray I do remotely well on the Practical since it's worth 10% of my grade too. Please, all the positive vibes and p...
  6. Pikes Peak Community College?

    I'm at PPCC. I really enjoy it. My teachers are all very knowledgeable, and for the most part, caring. I really like all of the classes I'm taking, and all the staff I've encountered have been very helpful. Welcome to the school!
  7. I failed.

    I have a tape recorder somewhere in my storage. I'll have to dig it up! That's a really great idea!
  8. I failed.

    Thanks Jen! He gives us the opportunity to meet with him and go over the exam, so I'm gonna take advantage of that and find out exactly what I did wrong. I'm glad you were able to pull up your grade. I'm also hoping to at least pull a B out of this c...
  9. Don't come to Colorado Springs....please!!!!!!!!

    My husband is at Fort Carson as well. I'm even considering witching my major from pre-nursing to pre-pharmacy...The PharmD program is a lot less competitive [in comparison to nursing]. It's really rough for nurses out here. How long have you been her...
  10. I failed.

    oops I almost forgot. The exam was on 5 different chapters. Neural Tissues, structures and functions, The CNS and Spinal nerves, The Brain and cranial nerves, The ANS, and a portion of the Endocrine System. And the questions weren't straightforward....
  11. I failed.

    Thank you both for putting things into perspective for me. You both don't know how much your words have helped. I need to commit to studying harder, for longer. Now that I've calmed down, I realize it's not the end of the world. I've been getting B'...
  12. I failed.

    On Thursday I had my first exam in A&P 2. I studied, I made flashcards, I had friends I studied with, I did my very best given the circumstances, and I got a 65%. This exam was worth 10% of our overall grade..... I'm crushed. I just got done bawl...
  13. Don't come to Colorado Springs....please!!!!!!!!

    Ah! Understood! Well, we must get to know one another better so your humor isn't lost on me =] A lot are probably touchy because you're right about the job market. super competitive and limited. It's really depressing! I didn't mean to jump down you...
  14. A&P 2!!

    Glad to hear everyone is progressing well and that we're all in similar spots in the curriculum. I'm taking a full course load that includes English. Sometime's when I'm typing a paper I find myself replacing A&P words for others. I'm knee deep ...
  15. A&P 2!!

    Also! I wanted to post up what's been burned into my brain: ON - Olfactory - I OLD - Optic - II OLYMPUS'S - Occulomotor - III TOWERING - Trochloear - IV TOPS - Trigeminal -V A - Abducens - VI FIN -Facial - VII AND - [Auditory] Vestibulocochlear - VII...