26, starting from the bottom, do I really stand a chance???

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    Im a 26 (soon to be 27) COLLEGE FRESHMAN and I am feeling defeated before Ive even started. Im just feeling as if im going to be an old woman when I finally start my career. I first started my college career at 19, but I goofed around ALOT , never took it seriously and have been in school off and on since then. In addition to that I have a four year old daughter. So now in Sept, I have to take the pre req, which will prob take two semesters to complete then an additional year for the nursinG classes (going for my ADN) . My ultimate goal is to become a CRNA, which means I will be about 107 when I finally finish, lol. Is anyone else going through this? I know nursing school is NO joke, im starting to question can I really do it. Motherhood. work, school (all full time) UGH! Be coming a nurse is my passion, my heart skips a beat evry time I see a hospital, but its starting to seem impossible :-/

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    I'm a 27 year old mother of 3, and I will be starting nursing school in the fall. If all goes well I will be graduating with my degree at 29... Start now stay consistent and if this is something you really want than don't allow anything to hold you back. The way I see it is if your starting now with a year and a half to 2 years of prerequisites plus 2 years of being in the actual program, than if you pace yourself right you should be able to graduate by the time your 30/31...Hang in there, you can do it!
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    People come into nursing a LOT older than you. We had folks in their 40's in our class.

    Trust me, you're not that old.
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    I am 25, an LPN and am starting my pre reqs in the fall. I will graduate at 28 with my RN associates. At orientation I was one of the youngest LPN's there. I also have two toddlers and a husband so I want to do school while they won't remember me being gone every evening. It's never too late to start. I for one am done after associates and will do bachelors if my job requires it, no desire to go above bachelors lol. I am glad I didn't start RN till now. I know what schools are worth the time and money and I know what I am sacrificing in order to do this (time with my kiddos I am going to miss a lot) so I am going to work my butt off. I didn't have that attitude when I was 18! Go for it if you really want to do this the time involved is worth it.
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    Oh and I am working full time and going to school full time while I do pre reqs. In the core program I will be very part time, if you have a supportive partner it's doable.
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    You are young! Sheesh, plenty of people in their 30's and 40's and a few in 50's have accomplished exactly what you want to do. Play your cards right and you could be a CRNA in 6 years (2 years for ADN, two years in ICU while getting BSN and 2 years in NA school).
    BTW if I were you I would never tell anyone you want to go to CRNA school. Keep it to yourself. Can save you a lot of problems. ICU nurse managers hate to invest the considerable training and time training a nurse to work ICU only to have them leave as soon as they are getting useful to the unit. I have even known of an ICU nurse manager who contacted applicants nursing instructors to ask if they ever expressed interest in CRNA school.
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    I'm 29, turn 30 in November, and taking my Pre-Reqs this summer, fall, and spring. I'm hoping to be accepted to the Paramedic to RN Bridge next summer and graduate with my ADN Spring 2015. I'm also looking to pursue CRNA. I figured from the time I start till I'm done will be about 8-9 years. Two years for my ADN, then start working in an ICU to get my experience while also getting my BSN. 18 months to 2 years to get my BSN. Start putting applications in for CRNA school and hope I get accepted on the first try. Then 24-36 months in school depending on the program. So that puts me between 38-39 to begin working which gives me a nice long career.
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    I'm soon to be 24 with 2 kids and I start the program in fall if all goes well. I understand where your coming from because when I started my pre reqs I was pregnant. I felt so out of place because everyone was fresh out of high school. But as my classes went on it seemed most of the younger classmates disappeared and now almost everyone around me is my age and older. But either way don't worry, as long as this is what you want to do its all that matters.
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    I started prerequs at 26 and will graduate with my BSN in Dec 2016 just after my 32nd birthday. I am a single mom of 2, work full time, school 3/4 time, my daughter has health issues and has 7 doctors that I deal with and I have managed a 4.0 thus far. If I can do it, you can do it!!! It takes dedication, time and sacrifice as well as MAJOR time management but it is completely doable. Don't worry about your age. Focus on your goal and time will fly by!
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    Quote from SoldierNurse22
    People come into nursing a LOT older than you. We had folks in their 40's in our class.

    Trust me, you're not that old.
    Wow, when I read some of these posts from twenty somethings thinking they are getting started too late I think, "I musta been insane to start school again at 46!" I did all my pre reqs and then started on the co reqs, and I start the nursing program in August, and my birthday is six days before school starts so I will be starting the ADN program at age 50! Trust me girl, you can do it and you are SMART to get started in your twenties. Wish I had done it much sooner! But I do have two educated, compassionate, successful adult children to show for my time out of school. Now it's my turn!
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