1-year RN Programs?

  1. Are there 1-year RN programs that do not require pre-reqs? Or if anything, that just require you to have your BA?

    Thanks, ginillel
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  3. by   ThatPoshGirl
    I don't think so. Even if you have a degree and plan on doing a fast track program you still need prereqs. And fast track programs still take two years once you complete your prereqs.
  4. by   Bicster
    Quote from ginillel
    Are there 1-year RN programs that do not require pre-reqs?
    no. 120 or so credits in one year is pretty much an impossibility.
  5. by   dallet6
    Some of them are 15 months though, but that's only if you've done everything before hand and are just working on nursing classes.
  6. by   hmpark
    I think the posters above me are correct.

    There ARE 12 month ABSN programs but ALL of them require prereqs. I think the point of them being accelerated is that you have all the general courses completed so you can go in to main nursing classes as soon as possible.
    I've seen a few 12 month ABSN but those normally require a little to a lot more prereqs than other programs.

    I'm sure there are programs that do not require prereqs (like normal 4-year bachelors degree), but those are much longer and you have to do the prereqs during the program anyway.

    either way, prereqs for nursing are a must! its foundational
  7. by   9livesRN
    mine is a 12 month program, but another 12 worth of pre reqs!

    you cant skip micro/ap 1 - 2 and psycology!!!!
  8. by   coolpeach
    My RN Program required A&P 1, English, Pysch, and Chemistry. The college required Biology prior to A&P 1 so it was like 18 hours of pre reqs.

    Then you get points for completing the support courses, and most people who get in have completed all but maybe one. These included A&P 2, Microbiology, Pharm, Patho, Death and Dying, Dev Psych, Dosage Calculations, Spanish, speech, and an elective. Thats 30 credit hours in support courses, and add pre reqs your up to 48.

    I am terrible at math so I had to take three DMAT classes to become tasp exempt, and get into nursing school so that added another 9 credit hours making my pre nursing school requirments 57.

    I start nursing school in on Aug 24, and I have 35 credit hours total left which are all nursing courses, and clinicals. I am entering a fast paced program that goes Fall/spring/summer/fall and we finish in 16 months. Most other programs around here go Fall/Spring and Fall/Spring so it take them 24 months.

    There are several programs in our area and this is pretty much the way all of them are with a few differences here and there.

    There is an LVN progam which requires 4 pre reqs I believe, and is a year in length once you actually start the program. I have been hearing more and more that a lot of states are phasing our LVN's so I am not sure if you want to consider that option.
  9. by   fsingh
    yes indiana dabney university. in hammond indiana. they have a website. and yes its one year 15 months
  10. by   ixchel
    This may be judgmental, and I apologize for the bluntness of what I am about to say, but I would be terrified of a one year program that didn't have any pre-reqs, and even more terrified to think that one of their graduates could be the nurse at my bedside. It's hard enough learning all of this over the multiple years we all spend in. The point isn't to get a degree. It's to learn how to be a nurse. I don't think that's possible when you're cramming the info in long enough to take a test. You'll forget it all just as fast as you cram it in.
  11. by   RNsRWe
    To the two posters above me: did you not notice that this thread is more than two-and-a-half years old? How on earth did you dig it up??
  12. by   ixchel
    Oh dear god! lol!!!!! I just saw it in the new posts.