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  1. CSU Fullerton EL-MSN Program 2012

    @trix - I emailed west about that same issue and he said that we will have till the end of September to upload that since the vaccine won't be available till August/September.
  2. CSU Fullerton EL-MSN Program 2012

    @trix_010509 - hopefully this has already been answered for you! But you should've filed your fafsa and gotten your financial aid package recently right? I just recently accepted a portion of mine. Kind of stinks that it's dependent upon your last ye...
  3. CSU Fullerton EL-MSN Program 2012

    @hkwak002 - yeah, you should've received an official acceptance letter in the mail. Also, check your titan email frequently, because Stephanie has been sending out medical forms, CPR information and other things we need. I didn't do anything with the...
  4. CSU Fullerton EL-MSN Program 2012

    Hi guys! On the acceptance email, it said that we had to let them know by April 30th and if we do not, the spot will go to someone on the alternate list. So I'm sure as it gets closer to that date, you guys will hear back. Until then, good luck!!!
  5. CSU Fullerton EL-MSN Program 2012

    Don't lose hope yet guys! I'm pretty sure there are some people who will decline (in my interview group, there were at least 2 who were already accepted into other programs already), so that'll open up some spots for sure. And I do remember them sayi...
  6. CSU Fullerton EL-MSN Program 2012

    congrats Alicekat!! Which interview session were you in? I was in the most recent one, April 12th from 1230-4. I didn't have to wait that long to find out, whew!
  7. CSU Fullerton EL-MSN Program 2012

    Just received an acceptance email!!!! I'm in shock!!
  8. CSU Fullerton EL-MSN Program 2012

    @DewWst - tell me about it! I feel bad for those of you who had the earlier interview last month..waiting for a month for the results would kill me! But we'll find out soon enough :) @susan007 - i think i heard 30, but of course with the budget cuts,...
  9. CSU Fullerton EL-MSN Program 2012

    hi DewWST! They told us that they would have the results probably in 2 weeks. Another applicant asked for a specific date and they said maybe around the 24th.
  10. CSU Fullerton EL-MSN Program 2012

    oh wow! congrats to everyone who have their interview done with, you all survived Thanks Susan007 for the information, it's actually really comforting to know it's not 3 straight hours of grilling, haha. And from what I remember from the info sessio...
  11. CSU Fullerton EL-MSN Program 2012

    Good luck on those who have their interviews this week! Let us know how it goes and how you felt about it Think positive thoughts :)
  12. CSU Fullerton EL-MSN Program 2012

    @michelle1985 - I may have posted up on the board for Western, but I ended up actually not applying there. Is everyone else waiting on other schools? I only applied to CSU Fullerton, so this is it for me!
  13. CSU Fullerton EL-MSN Program 2012

    good luck everyone! Does that mean there are only 2 days of interviews? March 22 and April 12? But it looks like each day has a morning and afternoon group. Yikes!! I'm so nervous!! I really hope we all do well Let's keep each other posted!
  14. CSU Fullerton EL-MSN Program 2012

    yikes, have you tried calling the school and asking if you could reschedule for another interview date?? it doesn't hurt to ask! I'm still waiting on whether i got an interview or not, darn!
  15. CSU Fullerton EL-MSN Program 2012

    Now the waiting game! I hope everyone got their application turned in on time I wish the School of Nursing would send out like a verification email that they received it or not...i'm just a little paranoid, haha. Also, did everyone get accepted by C...