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Why you shouldn’t become a nurse practitioner. There are many reasons why people should not become nurse practitioners. I will outline a short article stating why YOU should NOT pursue a nurse practitioner degree, EVEN if... Read More

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    Quote from BostonFNP
    Based on what?
    Prove that is doesn't make a difference.
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    Quote from fsalazar1
    I agree with this! I couldn't imagine myself with no nursing experience in a nurse practitioner program. I just feel that it's only right to respect the profession enough to get your feet wet in it. Sure, it won't matter down the road, I suppose, because you are in the role of a health care provider, but I would think that it makes the transition smoother considering that you are in the medical field, working with other disciplines and understanding what it means to be an NP before you truly hop in.

    Then again, I guess one would never know unless they took the plunge, so to speak.
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    Quote from subee
    Prove that is doesn't make a difference.
    There is no way to"prove" it, but the extant literature has not demonstrated significant quantitative difference. There should be some larger scale studies done, there is a dearth of research on the topic.

    Some reading for you:

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    chillnurse, This is the best (informative & entertaining) post I have ever seen on allnurses.com.
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