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  1. nyc2011

    UTA FNP 2016

    I heard that you take one class over a span of 5 weeks. It is a flexible program ….not sure of the pass rate of FNP board exams. Check that because you don't want to go to school that has a lower pass rate than another :)
  2. nyc2011

    So ready for a break from grad school

    Yes keep going!!! you will make it..I also feel sort of the same way at this time..I am about to start clinicals and I feel down..like is this going to be worth it in the end? Will I be happy? I wish this would fly faster !!!!
  3. nyc2011

    Letter of recommendation

    I would email them and let them know that you need one from a faculty. Then also add in a current resume! That way they can write you a accurate letter. :)
  4. nyc2011

    NP Salaries/Location/Specialties

    does anyone know the pay for houston texas in a doctor's office?
  5. nyc2011

    FNPs in houston?

    Hello All NPS I am thinking to relocate to houston area, and am wondering what are some good jobs there? and what is the pay? Are doctor's office's salary competitive? Where can FNPS work there? Thanks
  6. nyc2011

    How do FNPs get compensated?

    Hello everyone, I am going into my second year of FNP school. I don't understand fully how FNPs get compensated? Specifically, if you are working in a Doctor's office. From what I have heard the physician offers you a salary. But Ive heard when you increase the patient load you get more revenue which makes sense but is that on top of your salary? For example, if your salary is 75,000 annually to see 15 patients a day. If you see those extra 5 patients you can get reimbursed for that on top of this? I am so confused lol If someone can please help me understand this either from their own experience or what they have heard. Thank you!
  7. nyc2011


    Hello there, this is an interesting post! I am sorry to hear you are maxed out in loans…what does that mean?? What is the max you can take out? If it is over 100,000. I would seriously advise you to not go for FNP. To be a FNP you have to become a RN first…yikes…that is a lot more school and you will be starting literally in a new field. It's going to take many years!!! Why are you unhappy with the phd? Is it the pay? If it is, some FNPS don't make as much as you think…..depending on which area you are in. You have a highly respected position and you have the highest degree!!! why change now? Give that career a chance!!! Work at least 5 years so you can pay those loans!
  8. nyc2011

    FNPs what is a good specialty?

    Hello All FNPs, I am a FNP student…and I spoke to a FNP recently who advised me to figure out where I want to work so I will pick that clinic during my last rotation. The thought process is that if you go to the clinic you want to work in the last semester they may offer you a job. With that said, I am confused at where I want to work. I've always had a gut feeling I like orthopedics? But there are so many options out there…….? Can someone please tell me pros and cons? For example, I heard dermatology is a great practice to get into….pain management is not. I am interested in flexibility? I am not sure if that exists but I want to know. THank you!
  9. Hmm…60K of loans..is a lot! I would really consider taking this much of debt. Otherwise, yes it's no problem….because as a RN you are not learning how to diagnose and think from a NP perspective …you're thinking from a RN perspective…..yea of course you may have increased familiarity with drugs, etc. but otherwise..you have to think on a higher level!!!!
  10. nyc2011

    Thinking ahead of my education

    Hmm.. I believe PA school is the best route for you because you already have a bachelors…although you will have to take time to get all the prereqs in! (there are quite a few!) ….let me tell u something you may not know….since you already have a bachelors there are programs that let you get a bachelors in nursing in ONE year…(this doesn't count the prereqs) but i believe it doesn't make any sense for you to pursue a ADN…..then BSN…just go straight for BSN!!!
  11. nyc2011

    Plans for DNP?

    Hello All, So I will finish my Masters in two years….and was thinking about doing a DNP, but don't know if I would be able to work full time as FNP and complete a DNP. I know some DNP programs are part time….but not sure if it's manageable. Otherwise, I will start a family after one or two years of working as a FNP, and then pursue a DNP at the same time. (I would stop working)… Just thinking in the future…..thought of keeping in this school mode and getting a DNP. What does everyone think? Has anyone gotten a DNP who are FNPs? Did it benefit you Thanks :)
  12. nyc2011

    Why you shouldn't become a nurse practitioner

    Sorryiamanaprn, wow $50,000? what state do you work in
  13. nyc2011

    Question for current NP Students...

    If you're in a fulltime program, it will be feasible to work. Don't worry. I wouldn't stress about moving to another position, but that depends on your perspective of stress! Congratulations by the way!!!!! It will all be nerve racking first, but don't let your job go when you feel overwhelmed….maybe go prn…that way if you feel u can pick up a full-time schedule u can! Where are you starting by the way
  14. nyc2011

    good government websites

    HEllo All, What are some informative government websites that tell you the role of a FNP? such as AACP, texas board of nursing, etc?
  15. Hello All, So I am finishing my first year in FNP school….and it is a TExas school which is all part time..I feel that my school is dragging. It's a great school with amazing teachers but I wish it wasn't part time and it was full time I have to go a total of 3 years. I am not working and feel that I should have picked Georgetown which was full time only 21 months. The reason i didn't even apply was it is $77,000 I just want to know…if anyone else feels this way about their part time texas school? Or is it just me. Thanks
  16. nyc2011

    PRN med surg travel?

    Got it! thank you again Ned RN.