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  1. Aniva

    Failed AANP 2014

    yea..sometimes they have choose-the-best-answers type questions, where there are multiple correct answers... Sorry you've had such a bad experience. Try taking it easy for a while. Study overload can backfire. Sure, consider the ANCC. I've heard of students applying for and taking both. I personally avoided the ANCC because it has a reputation of having questions on anything... AANP had the reputation of being more clinically based. From taking the AANP, I agree, I had all clinical questions and a pretty diverse spread of topics. Did you take the live course reviews? I prefer live over book/online. Good luck!
  2. Aniva

    Why you shouldn't become a nurse practitioner

    Hm.. interesting... my experience through the NP education and becoming an NP has been wonderful. Brutal program though. In retrospect, I would have made the same decision. Wasn't happy as an RN and very happy as NP. And pay was MUCH higher... Everyone just has to make the decision to do what's best for them and do what makes them happy, regardless of title.
  3. Aniva

    What do you do????

    That statement letter is usually a general acknowledgement of receiving the application and reviewing process. Would recommend holding on sending the thank you note until after an interview. By sending it too soon, you may not know where the thank you note will float to. Who knows who is really reviewing your resume at that time. Keep sending those resumes and cast a wide net. Good luck :)
  4. Aniva

    Feeling Very Hopeless

    Congratulation! Good for you!
  5. Aniva

    New Grad Struggle in BC

    Yes, relocating can definitely improve your chances of getting a job. It may not be ideal, but it gives you experience and it's not forever. Consider casting that wider net and see where it takes you!
  6. Aniva

    How has walking into HR worked out for you?

    I've seen this backfire on some candidates. Imagine if you were the manager and getting numerous applicants coming to you, which could disrupt daily care routine. There's a reason why hospitals and organizations have an HR department. It's up to you if you want to chance it. It has been successful at times, but you don't want to shoot yourself in the foot either. Good luck!
  7. Aniva

    Help, I still don't have a job!!

    A lot of great advice out there. Refine your resume and tailor it to the job description posting. Some times in HR, the specialist will look at what's needed for a position and if you've got the skills and knowledge. If they were swamped with resumes and applicants and get only a few seconds to "browse" your resume, do you fulfill all the bullet points in his/her head on being able to accomplish the job? What makes you stand out? Also, be care about circumventing the HR department and going straight to the managers. I've seen this work against many applicants. Some managers automatically put this person on the "no" list because of it. I've also seen hospitals post videos or a posting of applicants doing this and how it can hurt one's chances. It may be difficult, but perhaps relocating if they offer financial assistance. It's not like you'll be there forever (unless you love it and establish your life in the area..). Don't forget about the nurse residency programs and volunteer work. Keep your attitude positive and others will pick up on it! You'll never know who's eye you'll catch. Good luck :)
  8. Aniva

    Broke and unemployed

    To better chances of finding employment, perhaps relocating may be the best option to gain experience. It's not forever and you'll get your foot in the door. good luck!
  9. Aniva

    PMHNP entering student loan repayment! What to do?

    For the NHSC, there's only one application cycle per year, so you must accept a position, start, and submit the necessary paper work for loan repayment program. I think after your application is accepted, you are given an offer of a certain amount based on your facility score, and then you can choose to accept or reject it. If you accept, you're locked in for the time commitment. If you break the agreement, there is heavy financial penalty. Check out the website for further details and deadlines :)
  10. Aniva

    All these NPs making less than RNs?

    a majority of the time, the NP salary is higher than RN. Personal experience, my salary as NP was definitely much higher than RN.
  11. Aniva

    please read :(

    Buszta NCLEX Review Busta prep course is reputed around the region to be an awesome prep course. Upon finishing, you'll have a VERY high probability of passing the NCLEX, whether or not it's the first time or 8th time. If you don't mind the commute, perhaps this could be an option for some. You've already sacrificed enough time and you know you have the knowledge and skills (you've already made it through all the nursing courses and clinicals!). Maybe treat it like a continuing ed conference week. Couldn't hurt to look into it. A lot of students in my class and the class who graduated before me states this was better than Kaplan and other more well known study courses. I agree with the others, Don't give up! Chin up!
  12. Aniva

    becoming an FNP

    You should be o.k. Not sure what every school looks for in their admissions process, but you do have experience. Best of luck to you!
  13. Aniva

    Entry Level Job - New York City

    Congrats on the acceptance into the program! I hope you will enjoy your new career path. I'd make a list of pros and cons for each decision you make and discuss it with your family. Cannot say much about Kansas, but NY is very expensive and (depending on unit/department/specialty), and markets a bit saturated. There are a lot of positions that may be open to RNs or NPs with experience though. If you go to school and work in Kansas for a bit, it will improve your chances of landing a position you desire in NY. I just moved away from NY due to the cost of living (far too high to be sustainable for the future and security I would like to have).
  14. I think that for any job, where you work can make a huge difference in terms of job satisfaction. Some love being and RN instead of an NP and some, vise versa. I love being and NP and work in a great organization. I did, however, feel the education I received was not enough to make me feel like a "bad ass NP". This takes time and more experience. Would I have taken a different road to a different career path? No, but I was fortunate in my experiences so far. School was rough, but if I had a choice to do it all over again, I would in a heart beat. Has being an NP had a significant impact on your personal/marital relationships?-Everyone has been extremely supportive of my decisions in life. As a nurse, I think there are opportunities to work 3 days (longer shifts) and have more days at home compared to positions I've seen for NP's, but I love what I do and don't mind the 4-5 days/week.
  15. Aniva

    Passed AANP

  16. Medisec, as a scribe, you be the expert of navigating through your organization's specific EMR. Every facility may have a different documentation system and if you were to switch positions, you may need to retrain on the particular system. In general, however, every EMR has the same elements. Vitals, PMH, HPI, ROS, PE, Labs/imaging/tests, Consults, etc. Some smaller facilities or hospitals may still be on paper charting or in transition to EMR (dual documentation). If you're comfortable using a computer, you should be fine on any EMR (they will never throw you in without proper training).