does anyone have any info on Troy University FNP program?

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    I am looking into Troy for FNP and would appreciate any and all feedback. There are several sites. Montgomery, Troy, Dothan. Is one better than the other? I wonder how competitive it is. Was just denied acceptance into UAB and starting to research my other options. Thanks for your help!

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    i'm in the BSN program at Troy, but I don't know much about grad school there, other than that they just started a DNP program. here's a link to their website if it helps!

    one of my clinical instructors got her masters from troy (nurse specialist, i think) and recommended that we consider getting our masters from there if we're considering NP. i know it's not as highly ranked as UAB, but I feel like the undergrad education I'm getting is definitely adequate, so I imagine grad school there is pretty good, too.

    good luck with your search! and hang in there!
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    Thank you so much. I appreciate your input!
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    Troy's NP program is completely online. I work with a young lady who just completed their NP program and speaks very highly of it. She passed the AACN NP board exam with no problem, and she says that the program at Troy is very student-advocated. That is actually my top choice for NP school, considering the fact that you can pay your tuition in installments! I plan on applying for Fall 2011. Good luck with your search, and hang in there!
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    I am also interested in Troy's FNP program. So far all I have heard is great things. A friend went there (online) and LOVED it. I have looked at a few other schools, but by far Troy is most affordable and seems to have achievable admission criteria. I am enrolling now for part time program, to start Fall 11. Best of luck to you!!
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    Have any of you guys actually started the NP at TROY? I know this thread is about 2 years old, trying to see what the outcome was. Thnaks

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