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  1. glowii

    Troy University, Samford University, Bradley University, UAB

    hi thank you so much for that insight. i was going to apply but since i live in cali i dont think it is feasible for me fly every semester to do skills. this really help me make a decision. i used to live in alabama but has since moved, thanks again!
  2. glowii

    Troy University, Samford University, Bradley University, UAB

    Hhnurse - how did the classes work? Were there group work, are there deadlines you have to meet, are there live classes, & how are clinicals done?
  3. glowii

    UAB NP Program Clinical Placements

    Following - pls update if you find out anything outside of this site. Would love to know also, tysm! Good luck!
  4. glowii

    American Sentinel University RN -BSN

    I just finished the BSN SimPath program. Since I was a veteran, it only cost me $2800 per term. I believe it is $3200 per term for non-veterans/military. Each term is 3 months (12 weeks long) and self-paced. I really love that part about it. It was very doable also. You can select various ways to show your competencies. So if you're a strong writer, I suggest writing papers. If you're best with visuals or presentations, you can present your competencies making videos or power points. It doesn't mean that it is easy as there is a LOT of research and preparing involved for each competency. I was able to finish my degree in 2 terms. The school is CCNE accreditated which is the only thing my employer looks for. They are a candidate for regional accreditation and will complete the candidate status in 1 more year. I have no doubt they will earn full accreditation. Good luck to you!