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  1. kristandrews

    Only a nurse will understand...

    As far as people not understanding our schedule, I'm guilty of doing the same thing to them. I've never worked anything but healthcare & in my mind, working 8-hour days and being free part of the afternoon, all night, and all weekends/holidays wo...
  2. kristandrews

    Nursing Salary Survey 2014

    Geographic location: Mobile, AL area Pay rate: 22.80/hour + 3.00/hour shift diff for nights In which area / specialty do you work?: Med-Surg What type of license do you have (RN or LPN)?: RN What type of degree and/or certification do you have?: BSN ...
  3. kristandrews

    Advice for sociology and life span psychology

    I read Cliff's Notes books to prepare for CLEP tests, and passed them every time!
  4. kristandrews

    Can't lift patient- help!

    Transferring patients is terrifying at first, but it definitely gets easier and easier with practice. Eventually you learn the best ways to position the wheelchair and the patient, and it becomes second nature. If the patient is able to speak, it oft...
  5. I got reprimanded by a supervisor at work last night for pulling up a chair and sitting down to talk to a patient who was upset. I was told that it's UNPROFESSIONAL for a nurse to ever sit at bedside and talk with a patient, and that a nurse should g...
  6. kristandrews

    Just Passed NCLEX:)

    Congratulations!!! :)
  7. kristandrews

    What are some questionable/old-fashioned nursing interventions?

    I've heard that putting people in trendelenberg for low BPs is no longer the in thing to do. I was told that in school also. But nurses still do it. Does anyone know what the rationale for not doing it is? my clinical instructor told us that trende...
  8. kristandrews

    Preceptor Programs

    at my school we have clinicals all five semesters, and our fifth semester we get to do a preceptorship through school for school in addition to clinicals. in the preceptorship, we get to pick a floor of a hospital and work one-on-one with a nurse. ma...
  9. kristandrews

    care plan rationale?

    textbooks are my best friends when finding rationales. i look up my patients' medical conditions in my textbook and a lot of times, there are interventions and rationales in it that i can use! you could also go to the library at your school and see i...
  10. everyone's advice about calculations is great! as far as what to expect first semester: nursing is a special type of profession filled with special people. at my school, first semester was a huge transition from the mindset of a student to the mindse...
  11. kristandrews

    Tips from you morning people! :/

    for really early mornings, i use the calendar setting on my phone as an alarm. as the title for the calendar event, i list the things i have to do that morning before class, or the reasons why i need to wake up right away, or something of the sort to...
  12. kristandrews

    New Grad Nursing Programs

    Children's hospital in Birmingham, AL has some positions for new grads with BSNs. I don't know all of the details, but they have info on their website about it in the nursing section.
  13. do you know how recent the blood loss was? could they be worried about the pt starting to bleed again while they're in the hospital because of their history?
  14. kristandrews

    Mnemonics and Memory Aids

    We learned a trick for remembering which anticoagulant goes with each test. Hold up all 10 fingers & put down one finger for each letter of "Coumadin". You'll have 2 fingers left, and you use a PT (which is only 2 letters!). with heparin, do the...
  15. kristandrews

    Do you think you'll/have you put on weight in NS?

    I lost about 10 pounds first semester and gained about 10 pounds second semester! So there's no telling! :) I'm getting married after two more semesters, and I'm waiting until my last semester to get fitted for my wedding dress because i'm not sure w...