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During this past semester, I took a graduate-level nursing theory course as part of my MSN program. “Piece of cake,” I told myself; I believed it would be easy. Puffed full of hubris, I expected to ace the class with little to no... Read More

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    What a great post and thread. I'm a new nurse in my second career, but I've been in school for some time (part time school so I can work full time). I've been put in my place more than once when I think I'm smarter than I really am. I will shortly be doing a LPN-RN bridge and I hope I remain humble throughout. Thank you for the reminder and pointers for learning.
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    Great article. Thank you. As someone who teaches theory to RN-BSN students, I can only hope my students learn to appreciate theory half as much as you do now.

    And if it's any comfort (not that you seem to need it) ... My worst class (and worst grade) in my PhD program was my theory development class. But building on those struggles turned into my doctoral dissertation. The fact that I struggled with that class led me to focus on philosophy and theory development for the dissertation itself. So some good came out of it for me, too.
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    This was very enlightening! Thanks for sharing.
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    Should be required reading for the "book learning is for eggheads, I learned everything I needed to know when I got my diploma" crowd.
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    My theory of nursing could be summarized in two sentences: Take care of your patients. Don't screw up.

    I have a feeling I would not do well in a graduate-level nursing course. I like plain speech, even though I have an arsenal of million-dollar words at my disposal should I choose to use them.

    I'm pretty sure I'll have similar difficulties like to OP described as I try to finish my BSN.
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    This is one of the best posts I've read ever on this forum. Straight up and honest.

    Go get 'em suz!
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    Fantastic post. I went from ADN to BSN to MSN now DNP. I think the moral of your story is you get out of it what you put in. There were many of us who did not immediately understand the higher level nursing theories. However, I am so glad I stayed with it and used my resources. I now have my dream job and I wouldn't be able to do it without applying the skills and philosophies and theories I learned in my advanced nursing classes. Loved your honesty - we've all been then in one way or another. If there are those who do not feel how you did, then they need to push themselves harder to reach their true potential.
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    Thanks for the great post and words of lessons learned, suz. I am starting my BSN completion classes next month. Your post is inspiring and I am going to keep your message as a rule when I am on the 'official/graded discussion boards'. I know - hold on to your keyboards class, here comes the crusty mean old bat.

    I will clean up my language, grammer, sentance structure, paragraphs and other bad habits( I will nicely bash the status quo, and politely insult the CEO's)if appropriate to the discussion.

    And I am also planning using alot of NSEKaren's links for inspiration.
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    Thank you, everyone, for your kind comments. Onward and upward!!
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    Wow.... I am humbled at your humbleness and gracious way that you responded to a challenge. Ever think of getting your CNE?? I think that you would be great!! Thanks for writing this article as it took a lot of courage.

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