Problems with PICU nurses

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    Have any of you PICU nurses heard that in order to deal with the stressors of PICU that lots of nurses turn to drugs, alcohol, or sexual addictions? I have heard this from a nurse manager of a PICU. I am certain that this in not the norm by any means but that there is an increased percentage in the PICU of these addictions?

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    In my nine years of PICU nursing, I've only known one drug-addicted nurse. I have known a few nurses who are "free with their favours", and a few who like their liquor, but by far the majority are totally healthy in their coping. I can't think why that manager would try to turn you off with a scare tactic like that... unless things in that unit are so bad that everyone's a basket case. In that circumstance, I'd RUN!
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    I have never heard this specifically about PICU nurses. Of course I've heard about nurses in general and their access to drugs being a problem with those that have addictions .
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    Never heard that one. Odd that a manager would say something like that. As far as my unit goes, can only think of one RN over the years, but she had lots of other problems outside work. Our management offers us "Caring for the Caregivers" sessions when things have been stressful or just when we think we need it. Our unit, I think, copes in healthier ways.
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    Baloney. Bologna. Horse droppings.

    There are plenty of healthy ways to deal w/stress.

    I heartily suggest ignoring what she said (maybe SHE's the one w/a problem?), and seek employment elsewhere. I agree w/Janfrn.
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    I have been a PICU traveller and work with wonderful men and women. The units are strong and the RN's are wonderful support systems to each other. It is a shame this Nurse manager is painting such a false picture to you and who knows who else.
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    I think that ststement by the nurse manager teaches you more about the "issues" of the nurse manager than the staff of the PICU/NICU.
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    I am new to this forum. I was a little older than the traditional student when I started nursing school, but now I have graduated with an RN-BSN and have a job in the PICU - which I am thrilled about. Does anyone have any advise for a new PICU RN? I have been working an a medical unit as a PCT for 4 years and did not want to stay on as a new grad.

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    RNNPICU, PM me. We'll chat...
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    I have been a PICU nurse for 5 years, I don't know of any nurses on my unit that have any of the problems you outlined.
    I think that manager telling you this tells you a little bit about the unit, perhaps you may want a job in a different PICU

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