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Pediatric Intensive Care, ER
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Redneckmedic63 specializes in Pediatric Intensive Care, ER.

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  1. Redneckmedic63

    What do you guys use for art lines??

    We do everything but open heart and ecmo here (12 bed PICU), but still have some pretty crappy neuro, trauma and oncology kids, as well as the usual respiratory. We routinely return waste. Still involves alot of blood loss for critical kids, so we ...
  2. Redneckmedic63

    PICU medication dosages to memorize

    Two easy answers for this question! 1 - Get to know your emergency drugs intimately, including code drugs, RSI drugs, seizure meds, pressor and sedation gtts, etc... we carry a small, double-sided laminated card on our ID badges (about 2"x3"), but...
  3. Hey guys and gals! This forum has been silent for WAY too long! Who's still out there??? Don't sneak and peek - speak up and say hello!!!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!
  4. Redneckmedic63

    Obtaining WV RN License

    Jeff - You should be able to apply for licensure by endorsement as long as you have an active license somewhere. WV is usually pretty good about processing stuff, but make sure you have all your i's dotted and t's crossed or you will get bogged d...
  5. Redneckmedic63

    Are the "chest thumpers" new?

    They've been around in some form or another since the early 70's. I used them occassionally on the squad back in the 80's, but they were bulky, unreliable, and O2 powered - and sucked thru the tanks fast. The new ones now are much better, reliable,...
  6. Hey guys! Possibility of relocating to the southern part of WV later this year. Was wanting to touch base with someone at either of these hospitals to find out what the nursing environments / employment opportunities were like. Been years since I'...
  7. Redneckmedic63

    Good area of nursing for a male to work in?

    I've worked PICU since I graduated and love it! (I'm just an overgrown, arthritic kid anyway!) ER is a good fit, too. Also know alot of guys that are very happy working other critical care areas, and med-surg as well. The field is pretty much yours. ...
  8. hey guys. Have been made a decent offer for employment in the area, and am considering commuting from WVa for a week on / week off schedule. Anybody have suggestions on less expensive housing in the area? Just looking for some place to start - wil...
  9. Redneckmedic63

    Washington DC

    Nurseinadream - I am just now investigating possibilities of travelling, and the DC area is a primary area d/t its location near family, etc... would you care to PM me with what company you work for and some of your thoughts? I would be VERY intere...
  10. So just looking around. Does anybody have any experience with the MedExpress Urgent Care Centers in the Huntington/Charleston area? Good to work for? What is the pay scale? Just looking for part-time or casual, but not alot of info out there. An...
  11. Redneckmedic63

    Sick and tired of the AAS BSN debate

    Some arguments never end... Lets speak from a practical level. As a general rule, ASN/ADN programs tend to focus heavily on skills and practical means, while BSN programs tend to enjoy more time to focus on theory and leadership. That being said, ...
  12. Redneckmedic63

    Calling in: different time frame for night and day shifts?

    That is also the policy where I work. Dayshifters get an extra couple of hours to call in versus night shift - always did seem unfair....
  13. Redneckmedic63

    What do you call your "greatest" compliment?

    "I can tell you're a Christian, arent you???" It's hard to beat THAT one (and YES I am!)...
  14. Redneckmedic63

    ED ratio across the US

    WV Night shift 4:1 medium - high acuity, Level 2 Trauma, primary cardiac and stroke center usually 12-14 pt's per 12 hour shift barely safe; staffiing is always short and staff satisfacion low becomes quite concerning when you are asigned/...
  15. Redneckmedic63

    picu room design

    Although our current PICU is in a place once used as an adult ICU, we are looking at moving to a new unit in the next 5 years. Our new adult ICU's were all built with very spacious rooms utilizing columns - I have occassionally floated there and fou...
  16. Hello neighbors! Live and work in WV, have been PICU CCRN for 5 years. Looking for per diem / part-time PICU-type jobs in Ohio - recently got my Ohio license. I know many places aren't hiring right now - just looking for something to commute to a cou...