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Has anyone attended the western Pennsylvania School of Nursing? If so id like to know if you liked it and why and would you recommend it to me as a male?... Read More

  1. by   jellybean1201
    Ya this test isn't as bad.... I hope plus they combine all your scores so you don't have to get a certain percent or # correct like other schools.... Np on listening to the rant k did it to abd still do
  2. by   aka640
    I know this post is a bit old, but I'm graduating from UCONN next spring with a BA in Allied Health and applying to the West Penn School of Nursing. People who have a BA already, what was your GPA when you applied to this program and what type of interview questions did they ask you? Would be very helpful to know
  3. by   eemeybay
    I didn't graduate with a BA, but I did just recently graduate with a BSBA from Pitt, and I'm going to West Penn this fall. My GPA was a 3.66, and some of the interview questions were: "How did your professors view you in your classes?" and "what study habits did you learn from college?" and "what are some qualities you learned in college that you think will help you in this program?" Very basic things, shouldn't be a challenge for you. Good luck finishing up your last year at UCONN!

    Is anyone else here going to be attending the program this fall? I haven't met anyone yet, and I'd like to!!
  4. by   aka640
    I'm just worried my gpa might be too low. It is above 2.5 and my high school gpa is great and everything else bout my application. This is for the diploma program right?
  5. by   eemeybay
    Yes, it's for the diploma program. And you should be fine with anything above a 2.5... I think that's usually the cut-off for most programs, right? I wouldn't worry about it. When it's time, do your application with everything you've got, and I'm sure you'll get in!
  6. by   aka640
    Thank you so much for the encouragement I just saw that your GPA was so high and was like OMG, I will never get in because I'm no where near that. I am going to put in a lot of effort to my app though, especially the TEAS and hope they give me an interview. Congrats on getting in!!!!
  7. by   aka640
    Are there any graduates from West Penn here?? I want to know how hard was it getting a job.
  8. by   Sue Damonas
    Brings back lots of memories!! I graduated from there in 1982.
  9. by   aka640
    I've been trying to get more answers but anyone who applied to West Penn, what was your gpa and did you apply from high school or after you got a previous BA?
  10. by   nurse2be13
    bump for more responses
  11. by   pixiestudent2
    You should hurry and apply, the last testing date is this month.