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  1. Patient Care Rounds

    My unit participates in daily patient care rounds, which initially began as a way to coordinate the discharge process. The rounds consist of the nurse, resident, intern, care manager, medical student, and sometimes a pharmacy resident. When my unit f...
  2. Am I able to get a raise once I get my BSN?

    Where I work you get a a raise for your BSN. It is worth asking HR about.
  3. Do you overspend on luxury items as a nurse?

    I can afford to take trips abroad and I can now afford cable. That's enough luxury for me.
  4. Central line

    A PICC line is NOT a central line.
  5. Are nurse's all that and a bag of chips?

    What's wrong with someone being proud of what they do?
  6. Can I ask to work exclusively day shifts?

    In a perfect world...
  7. Mr.Pubes the excessive hair patient

    Aides at my facility can start IVs if they have been trained and were signed off on the skill.
  8. UPMC ICU jobs ?

    Keep applying on the UPMC website. They usually take awhile but they will get back to you. The neuro ICU at Presbyterian is always hiring.
  9. Moral and ethical dilemma with coworker

    Worry about your own license.
  10. Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)

  11. Weed and work.

    Never said you were :-)
  12. Weed and work.

    Nurses are screened as often as necessary. Stay off drugs :-)
  13. Unexpected pregnancy in nursing school?!

    We had a pregnant student in my class. I believe it is doable though it is not ideal. Congratulations!!!
  14. UPMC Schools-admission concern

    Apply and find out. Good luck
  15. Broken Rib

    Ask your doctor :-/